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Dear Friend, 

I had lunch yesterday with some guests and fellow staffer Gyandev.  We were talking about combining spirituality and work in the world.  The discussion included the issues of making money and paying the bills and working with others. 

I’ve been thinking more about it and find great answers to the question in a note a Yoga Teacher Training graduate wrote to our yoga teacher Melody. She said the first couple of weeks getting back to “the other world” were hard. Then she recognized that to sustain the kind of life one can observe and experience at Ananda – you have to work at it. She kicked herself back into gear and got back to living as her highest self every day. 

She quickly found that by expressing how she really feels about things and putting forth her best self – people around her respond. One fellow told her she was “too spiritual for him.” Well I guess he isn’t the right guy for her, eh?  Glad that’s settled. She sees others stop being negative or unkind in front of her. What a wonderful thing that is for everyone! 

We all actually know that we must be true to our highest self as best we can all the time. The results will be that higher energy, more clarity, your environment will be positively influenced, and the right people will come to you.

I was working for a short time at an investment bank. Despite talk of God, many actions taken there were not dharmic. I had previously been out of work, and needed the job and the money. I said to my wife Lalaan that my leaving the job could even result in our losing our home - but that I could not continue to work there. With her full support, I left. We went through more challenging times. But within several months we found Ananda and soon after came to Ananda Village.

If we don’t have faith how can move forward? If we don’t trust in our own best self, how will ever reach higher? Difficult times do not mean bad times. They mean opportunities for growth.

Our blessings to you as you face your challenges. Be brave, be strong, adhere to the truth.  God loves you.


Joy to you,


Thanksgiving Retreat

Come join us for a Joyful & Uplifting Thanksgiving
Nov 24 - 28, 2010

Living with a Grateful Heart

Cultivate the spirit of gratitude that is the key to spiritual life.

Participate in guided “gratitude” walks through our beautiful 700 acres, along with daily yoga, meditations, and inspiring classes that will help you connect with gratitude and live a grateful life in the midst of busy-ness and challenges.  It’s a beautiful time here; we hope you can join us. More...

Affordable International Programs

Ayurvedic Retreat, Kerala

An Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India
Feb 10 - 22, 2011

Relax • Release • Renew

Imagine the perfect vacation: deep relaxation and Ayurvedic healing treatments, combined with guided yoga and meditation, plus a variety of delightful Indian cultural experiences all at Kerala’s finest seaside Ayurvedic retreat. More...

Walking with William the Conqueror

A Guided Tour in France & England
Feb 20 - 27, in Normandy
Feb 28 - March 3 in England
(Come for all or part)

To the surprise of many, Yogananda said that in an earlier incarnation he had been William the Conqueror.

This is a rare opportunity for a fascinating tour featuring both the spiritual and the historic. You will be able to spend quiet time in the holy places where William prayed and meditated – and be guided in your understanding of what really happened by those who have deeply studied the topic. More...

Essence of the Bhagavad Gita

Inspiration from Yogananda

Deep, devotional faith is an utter necessity on the spiritual path. Yet there remains a simple truth: One cannot have faith before coming onto the spiritual path! Faith means more than belief. It is what comes after receiving some spiritual insight. Indeed, perfect faith comes with deep realization.

What Krishna is referring to here, then, is provisional faith (belief, in fact) which is born of the conviction that only in God will one find everything he has been seeking in life.

From The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita
Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda,
As Remembered by Swami Kriyananda
published by Crystal Clarity

Flower Essences for Personal Growth

Two back-to-back Flower Essence Programs

Led by our special guest instructor, Lila Devi

Lila Devi has authored 2 flower essence books, lectures internationally, and founded Spirit In Nature Essences, the oldest flower essence company in the US.

Flower Essences for Personal Growth
Nov 5 - 7, 2010

Flower essences are based on yogic principles of uniting us with our Higher Self, and work by stimulating our positive qualities.  Spirit in Nature flower essences will help you live in your center and experience deep joy. They are based on 33 years of research, analysis, and practical case histories.

Flower Essences for Children
Nov 7 - 9, 2010

Due to their purity of heart and openness of spirit, children often respond extremely well to natural remedies. Spirit-in-Nature Essences are completely safe, non-toxic, non-habit-forming, and easy to use, with no side effects or contraindications.

Guests who join us for both programs in November will receive a 15% discount on Flower Essences for Children.


Upcoming Programs

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Nov 24 – 28  
Living with a Grateful Heart:
A Thanksgiving Retreat


Oct 24 – Nov 21  
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training


Oct 6 – 10
Kriya Yoga Preparation & Initiation

Oct 15 – 17
Learn How to Meditate

Oct 15 – 24
Meditation Teacher Training 1

Holistic Health      

Oct 15 – 17   NEW!
Experience Nature, St. Francis,
the Divine

Oct 22 – 24
Take Care of Yourself

Nov 5 – 7
Flower Essences for Personal Growth

Nov 7 – 9
Flower Essences for Children

Nov 12 – 14
Food for Health and Vitality

Nov 14 – 19
Heal Yourself–Feel Great!

Spiritual Growth      

Oct 17 – 22
First-Timers’ Week

Oct 22 – 24   NEW!
Transcending Grief Through Yogic Principles

Oct 29 – 31
Karma, Reincarnation and You

Nov 5 – 7
How to Be a Channel of Divine Grace

Teacher Training      

Oct 15 – 24  
Meditation Teacher Training 1

Oct 24 – Nov 21  
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training

Radiant Health Tip
for October

The secret of radiant health and well-being is
remaining restful in your inner center.

At the end of your meditations, when it's easiest to rest in your inner center, practice sending out more...

An easy BURRITO BAR that uses all the garden bounty you are likely to see this weekend at your favourite market or out your back door! Just present the mexican veggies with wraps, rice, salsa, cheese, sour cream and whatever else your fridge wants to surrender and have a delightful meal!

Mexican Vegetables (beans for protein are in the recipe - kidney beans are called for but sub with pintos if preferred)
Plain rice or Quinoa

From Master's "Global Kitchen" to yours!

Mexican Vegetables Recipe
Colorful, hearty and spicy.

Plain Quinoa Recipe
A nutritious complete protein. A light grain alternative to rice.

Plain Rice Recipe
Like everything else, cooking rice is easy-once you know how to do it.

Master's Kitchen
The Expanding Light

Food for Health and Vitality
Nov 12 – 14  

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