A tasty RAW FOOD recipe that can be adapted in endless ways to suit your wants and needs.

From Raw Foods Chef Tyler Hansen

Serves: 6
All Year

Preparation time: 15 - 20 minutes- plus soaking time


for the cheeze...
    4 cups almonds (soaked in water for at least 8 hours, no more than 24)
    2 garlic cloves
    2 teaspoons raw salt
    4 Tablespoons lemon juice
    1/4 cup cold pressed xtra virgin olive oil

Combine these ingredients in a vita mix blender and blend on high with tamper's assistance (the stick that goes in the blender to assist blending) until it is smooth and delicious. Empty cheeze into a big mixing bowl and fold in
    4 Tablespoons dried dill weed
    2 Tablespoons dried basil
and put the cheeze into a strong ziploc bag and with one corner cut off. 

for the wraps...
squeeze the cheeze like toothpaste onto a flat nori sheet.
Add jullienned carrots, cucumbers, pickles, spinach, red bell peppers, sprouts or any other vegetable you choose and roll it up; putting water on the end to seal it.

Cut in half at an angle; stand up on a plate with a dipping container of the sunflower ceasar sauce

A food processor can be used for the cheeze if you're willing to reblend it again and again until it's very smooth. It will never have the smoothing power that a vitamix does though.

peace and love, tyler

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