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Dear Friend,

God did not create the world. God manifested the world from ‘God-stuff.’ In other words, God became the world. The world we know is a long way from being all of God, but the world we know is all made of God.

God is love. God manifested the world. Therefore at our essence we are love. The more we hold love in our hearts, the more we see through loving eyes, the more we speak lovingly – the closer we move to our true essence and the closer we move to God.

Manifestation as we see it does not always seem to call for a loving response. But the more we are able to find love in our hearts, and act from that point – the more we will see this world, and the energies behind this world, as finer and finer. The more we find love in our hearts, and act from that place – the closer we will come to God.

God acts in this world through channels. By living in love we become better channels for God’s rays. Being a channel for God’s love to others makes a life worthwhile.

I have not yet succeeded at always acting from love. (Okay, I admit it. Even a couple of times while I was writing this I didn’t do so well in interactions.) But I will act from love! God is love. I want nothing else. It’s up to me to raise myself enough that God can pull me the rest of the way home.

Lord, make me an instrument of your love.


Joy to you,


How to Have Courage, Calmness and Confidence

Inspiration from Yogananda

For weeks I prayed to the Master, “Teach me to love you as you love me.”

One day he looked at me and said, “How can the little cup hold the whole ocean of love? First it must be expanded to become as large as the ocean.”

From Conversations with Yogananda by Swami Kriyananda
published by Crystal Clarity

Vedic Astrology, Spiritual Psychology, and Transformation

3-day weekend   Aug 26 – 29


Learn how the horoscope expresses a pattern of energy that you can work with to support your ultimate success and fulfillment.

This weekend is led by Drupada, one of the most knowledgeable and intuitive Vedic astrologers living in America.

Each participant will receive a copy of his Vedic chart. The course will help you understand a certain aspect of Vedic astrology and of your own chart. Readings are available but not included. more...

Secrets of Love

Inspirational Music from Swami Kriyananda


September is Personal Retreat PLUS Month

Personal Retreat is always popular – but in September you can get even more with Personal Retreat PLUS at 20% off.

A sample of the offerings – depending upon when you are here:

  • Instruction in meditation
  • Instruction in Energization Exercises
  • Class on Tuning in to the Chakras
  • Healing Prayer Workshop
  • Chanting workshop
  • Class on the 8 Stages to Self-realization
  • Individualized yoga postures class
  • And Special Events

Divine Mothers Sunset

Radiant Health Tip
for August

The secret of radiant health and well-being is Impersonal Love

Love develops of itself, once the pettiness of self-love has been renounced. more...

Treasures Along the Path

Inspirational talk by Swami Kriyananda
Love: Human and Divine

Swami reminds us to expand our love to include everyone, and to see everyone as ‘our own.’ He also explains that life's experiences, especially the painful ones, help us to drop the sheathes surrounding our heart, allowing it to be softened. Once softened, the heart's natural love can flow freely through us, and we are able to love with God's love.

Treasures Along the Path


Upcoming Programs

See Calendar for complete program listing

Special Events      

Aug 8 – 15
Spiritual Renewal Week

Sep 1 – 30   20% off
Personal Retreat PLUS


Aug 20 – 22
For the Love of Yoga

Aug 22 – 28
Experience the Higher Teachings of Yoga

Sep 3 – 6   20% off
Yoga Getaway for Labor Day


Aug 20 – 22
Learn How to Meditate

Holistic Health      

Aug 15 – 20
Vibratory Healing Experience

Aug 27 – 29
How to Live with More Energy

Aug 29 – Sep 3
Take Care of Yourself

Sep 16 – 19
Sierra Cycling

Spiritual Growth      

Aug 22 – 27
First-Timers’ Week

Aug 26 – 29
Vedic Astrology, Spiritual Psychology, and Transformation

Sep 3 – 5
First-Timers’ Weekend

Sep 10 – 12   20% off
How to Be Happy All the Time

Sep 10 – 13
Prepare for the Pilgrim Vow

Sep 12
Swami Kriyananda’s Spiritual Anniversary: Initiation into Nayaswami Order

Teacher Training      

Aug 22 – 28
Experience the Higher Teachings of Yoga

Summer's bounty brings lots of veggies and herbs that keep our food fresh and uplifting to the consciousness.  Two favorites during "it's just too hot to cook" weather, are our cookbook's outstanding Tomato Basil Salad and Bulgur Garbanzo Salad.

Bulgur is wheat of course,and just needs a soak in boiling water. For a great gluten free option, choose to make it with short grain brown rice. It's terrific! And if it's really too hot to cook your garbanzos, get some organic canned ones, rinse them well, bless them and off you go - No heat in the kitchen at all.

Remember fresh herbs can replace dried ones (just use more) and bring a lovely addition of sattwa guna - the uplifting quality we seek to include throughout our cooking and our lives as yogis! May your kitchen and food be blessed through your service!

Master's Kitchen
The Expanding Light

Tomato Basil Salad Recipe
A cooling salad for a festive or everyday meal

Bulgur Garbanzo Salad
A light yet satisfying main dish. A crowd pleaser.

Joy Symbol

Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self. It is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968.
Learn More...

Joy is within you


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