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God manifested as creation.  God is in everything.  It’s so easy to lose track of this truth.  It’s especially easy to forget when we’re facing things we don’t like and aren’t happy with, or people who don’t behave the way we think they should.

Recognizing and remembering – again and again - that God is everywhere and in everything will change our life.  Seeing God everywhere and in everyone will make it all sacred.  We can live in holiness.  We will more and more fully rise into God’s never-ending flow of grace.
If we are in this space of God – how could we be anything but calm, kind and loving?
But don’t wait to be enlightened to be kind and loving!  Do it now.  Practice and practice.  Do it when it’s easy.  Do it when it’s hard.  Make it your habit.  This practice will bring you more fully into God, and in turn make it easier to be calm, kind and loving.  It will become easier to see God in everything and everyone. 
May God bless you and me in this endeavor.  Does any other matter?  As I write this I can feel God in you.  What a beautiful recognition it is!  May you also know that God is in you.   


Inspiration from
Swami Kriyananda

Spiritually speaking, karma has different levels of manifestation, depending upon how clearly it expresses the divine consciousness. Love, for example, is a more spiritual karma than hatred, since it reinforces the awareness of life’s essential oneness. Hatred increases the delusion of separateness from other people, and from God. To tell a truth is a more spiritual karma than to tell a lie, for truthfulness develops a refined awareness of what really is – of the Divine Reality behind all appearances.

From The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda  by Swami Kriyananda
Crystal Clarity Publishers
Swami Kriyananda  -founder of Ananda Worldwide Brotherhood
Ananda Meditation Teacher Training
Jun 25 - Jul 5, 2015

Ananda has been training teachers for almost 40 years. We don’t just teach yoga and meditation-we live it, and so will you. You’ll thrive in the uplifting energy and profound peace of Ananda Village in Northern California, one of the worlds’ successful spiritual communities. From in-person training to post-graduate support, we help you in every way to become the teacher you truly want to be.

Nursing CEU Eligible: 37 hours
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Gyandev and Diksha McCord of Ananda Schhol of Yoga & Meditation
Yoga Getaway for Memorial Day
Find Balance, Harmony, and Strength

May 22 - 25, 2015

There’s no better vacation than one that helps you change your pace and refresh your inner resources.

"I loved all of the classes. They were all so beautiful, therapeutic, informative (yet informal), fun, energizing, yet calming. Thank you so much to the Kitchen for all of the Vegan options. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate how incredibly accommodating everyone was in every way. Thank you times infinity!"   - JoAnna, Grand Island, NY

Led by Badri, Dayavati & Rachel
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Gyandev and Diksha McCord of Ananda Schhol of Yoga & Meditation
Blog Posts

Expand Your Consciousness To Infinity
by Diksha McCord

The Cure For Regret
by Anandi Cornell

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Ananda Holistic Health Retreat
Achieving Glowing Health and Vitality

May 17 – 22
Give yourself a gift: Time for self-discovery during this relaxed immersion in healthy living. Leave with a program designed for you and your life!
Someone who took this program told us this:  She had a bit of rebellion first and then determined “I’m going to do this” (using what she learned in the program.)  She joined 2 meditation groups and established a daily practice, does a daily affirmation walk - affirming for calmness, and she changed her diet.  She gave up alcohol, coffee and sugar.  She realized how huge stress was in her life (she runs a company) and reports that she has reduced her stress by 80%!  The aching that she had in her joints went away.
Get help figuring out what changes are needed in your life – and practice your new habits. learn more...
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at The Expanding light
Inspiration from
Paramhansa Yogananda

Master always discouraged negativity, even in a good cause. A certain man tried by trickery to hurt the work in one of our churches. Mr. Jacot, a loyal and devoted member, uncovered the man’s scheme and denounced him publicly. Master expressed his gratitude to Mr. Jacot afterward for having saved us in a perilous situation. After thanking him, however, Master gently scolded him for the means he had employed. “It is not good,” he said, “regardless of one’s intentions, to create wrong vibrations through anger and harsh words. The good that you have accomplished would have been greater had you employed peaceful means.”

From The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda  by Swami Kriyananda
Crystal Clarity Publishers
Paramhansa Yogananda
Serve, learn and grow through our wonderful Karma Yoga Program

“I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the past three months with you blessed souls. Although I’ve always been drawn to spiritual matters, for the first time in my life I feel that I have truly found myself. I am no longer alone, and I know what I am seeking. Now I have people to share this joyful journey with and help me along the way. This is certainly the greatest blessing, and I can’t thank you enough." 
Shana S. Verona, NJ
The Expanding Light income regularly covers 90 – 95% of our costs. So we couldn’t do it all without your help.
Be an Angel.
Simply brilliant words from Jyotish...
Ananda Travels Logo
Ladakh - Himalayan Adventure Travel with Ananda Travels
Himalayan Adventure Pilgrimage
Sept 29 - Oct 15, 2015

Of incomparable natural beauty, the Himalayas have been central to scriptures, myths, and legends of various cultures and religions. Linked to Self-realized masters for thousands of years, these mountains embody spiritual aspiration-and mankind’s highest potential.
Badri and Shurjo Himalalyan Adventure trip leaders
This is not your every day trip! Is it right for you? Learn more...

Led by KrishnadasKeshava and Daya Taylor and Shurjo Jha.
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Ladakh - Himalayan Adventure Travel with Ananda Travels
Yogic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
October 16 - 19, 2015 
Join Ananda Travels for an unforgettable spiritual experience: a 2-week pilgrimage in the Holy Land, following in the footsteps of Jesus. Many of these sacred spots are so alive with his presence that you’ll continue to draw blessings from them for the rest of your life.
Badri and Shurjo Himalalyan Adventure trip leaders
Take a look at all the additional sites you’ll visit.

Led by our well-loved Directors of Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training and pilgrimage leaders, Gyandev & Diksha.

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Serve, learn and grow through our wonderful Karma Yoga Program
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Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self. It is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968.
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