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Now is more important than later.  Minutes are more important than hours, days, or years. What you do now – and how you are doing it – determines how connected to consciousness you are.  Now.

Stop yourself from doing the wrong thing. Stop yourself from saying that unkind word. Stop yourself from thinking those negative thoughts – about circumstances, or about yourself or others.

I've had some challenges today.  (What makes today different than any other day?)  I looked at the big picture of Paramhansa Yogananda above my desk.  I smiled at Him as He smiled at me.  I touched his heart as He touched mine.  He reminded me that this is just God's dream. I may as well not take the challenges seriously. I may as well enjoy those many things that are so great about my life.

It made my day a lot more fun. I feel closer to God. That makes me more happy.

Little constant acts of will can hold us on our higher path. It's better to become than to believe.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Dec 10 - 13, 2014  3-days
For certified Yoga Teachers
Nursing CEU Eligible: 19 hours CEU
Learn to Teach Safely, Conscientiuosly, and  Supportively
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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at The Expanding Light
Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

"In the lower animals, and also in people whose feeling quality is dormant, the spinal energy flows naturally downward.
"The base of the spine is the body's negative pole. If a person's feelings are centered there, he is physically asleep. To rouse himself from that slumber, his energy must be directed upward."

From The Hindu Way of Awakening- Crystal Clarity Publishers
The Hindu Way of Awakening by Swami Kriyananda
Blog Posts

Meditation: Mind Medicine
by Nayaswami Nefretete

A Superconscious Dream about Swami Kriyananda
by Matt Stickney
Inspiration from Yogananda 
"Only through deep, inner communion with higher states of consciousness does it become clear that all deficiencies, whether mental or physical, are the just consequences of a person's misbehavior in the past."
from Karma & Reincarnation - Crystal Clarity Publishers
Karma & Reincarnation - Crystal Clarity Publishers
A Christmas of Inner Awakening: Divine Stillness, Joy and Spiritual Family
Dec 22 - 26, 2014
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Christmas Eve at The Expanding Light Retreat
The Expanding Light is expanding! We're adding the building where the Center for Radiant Health was to our space. We'll have a new classroom, office space, spiritual counseling/yoga therapy rooms, and more space for our Karma Yoga program.
Don't worry, you'll still be able to get personal services like massages. The practitioners have moved to nearby space at Rajarshi Park near Hansa Temple.

golden gravy recipe for the Holidays.

Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat
In Kerala, India ~
February 6 - 18, 2015
(shorter option: February 6 - 13)

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