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Dear Friend, 

I gave a ride out of these Sierra foothills to a gold miner a couple of weeks ago. He had some good stories to tell. This is the best of them:

Some years ago, the gold miner and his wife were going through a time of extreme poverty. He wasn’t bringing in any money. She had a very limited income, and the checks only came once a month. The cash was gone. They were driving together and his wife was distressed. She kept talking about how they didn’t even have money for that night’s dinner. Our gold miner friend kept telling her that they just had to trust in the Lord. She would express her worry; he would answer, “We need to trust in the Lord. He will provide.”

They were driving in an area where he had once found fossils. He asked his wife to pull over so he could look for more fossils to sell.

She pulled over where he asked, and they got out of the car. Looking up, they saw a golden eagle on a tree above them, with a big salmon in its mouth. The eagle flew down to the ground, laid a five-pound salmon down in front of them, and flew away.


Joy to you,



Beautiful Holiday Retreats

We welcome you to join us this Christmas and for our New Year's Retreat. Share deep joy with a group of like-minded souls. This holiday season, surround yourself with loving energy in a sweet, supportive and spiritual environment. Get in touch with the Christ consciousness within you:

Yogananda - gaze

Inspiration from Yogananda

“O Father, when I was blind I found not a door which led to Thee, but now that Thou hast opened my eyes I find doors everywhere: through the hearts of flowers, through the voice of friendship, through sweet memories of all lovely experiences. Every gust of my prayer opens an unentered door in the vast temple of Thy Presence.”

For the first time at The Expanding Light: 
A program taught in Spanish.

maria atonia

Retiro Aprenda Ananda Yoga
Impartido en español 
Enero 4 – 6

Led by Maria Antonia Garcia Galindo
¿Está buscando algo más que "sólo una clase de yoga", un enfoque integral que proporcione los beneficios del yoga espiritual así como sus beneficios físicos y mentales: relajación, vitalidad, paz interior y mucho más?

Swami Kriyananda

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

“From love for God, faith is born.  Charity towards others nurtures love in our hearts.  Forgiveness towards others draws an awareness of God’s forgiveness.  Jesus stated it perfectly in the Beatitude:  ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.’  John Donne put it well also in the line: ‘No man is an island.’  Separate from one another though we appear to be, we are all one.”

lady energizing

Radiant Health Tip
for December

The secret of radiant health and well-being is Proper Exercise

Be conscious of the life force flowing in your every movement. more

Gaia House - An exciting new group retreat experience

Gaia House

Gaia is now available for you to bring your group for your own program – or to one of ours. Beautiful big home sleeps up to 12.

Book now for 20% off on house rentals through June 2011!

Call Pranavati to explore the possibilities: 800-346-5350

You’re Invited to our Open House on Sunday, January 23, 2011


Upcoming Programs

See Calendar for complete program listing

Special Events      

Dec 17 – 19  
Winter Solstice Retreat
at Gaia House

Dec 22 – 26  
A Joyful Christmas Retreat

Dec 28 – Jan 2
New Year Renewal
Relax, Recharge, Refocus.

Jan 5
Yogananda’s Birthday Celebration


Jan 4 – 6  
Retiro Aprenda Ananda Yoga

Jan 21 – 23
Courage, Calmness, Confidence
Yoga and Martial Arts


Dec 17 – 19
Jan 7 – 9
Learn How to Meditate


Feb 10 – 22
Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerela, India

Holistic Health      

Jan 28 – 30
How to Live with More Energy

Jan 28 – 30
Take Care of Yourself

Feb 4 – 6
Relax and Renew Retreat

Spiritual Growth      

Dec 28 – Jan 2
New Year Renewal
Relax, Recharge, Refocus.

Jan 14 – 16
First-Timers’ Weekend

Teacher Training    

Jan 9 – Feb 6, 2011
Reduced Cost
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training

We just celebrated a glorious Thanksgiving at the Retreat and have decided to augment your cache of Global Kitchen recipes with our Expanding Light Nut Loaf recipe. Serve it with Golden Gravy and your favourite veggie dish and you've got holiday and cold weather meals covered!

Master's Kitchen
The Expanding Light

Nut Loaf Recipe
This is a rich, delicious recipe

Golden Gravy
Smooth and silky.

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Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self. It is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968.
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