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Dear friend,

It is interesting to consider how we must do our own work on the spiritual path, but not be attached to the results. The idea of not being attached to results can be a difficult one to assimilate - perhaps especially for Americans. This story from The Essence of Self-Realization nicely illustrates how we can think about it.

"A disciple was digging a cesspool at the Master's desert retreat. He kept on digging all day long, without stopping to see how far he had come. That evening, to his amazement, he found that he had dug a deep hole."

"When Paramhansa Yogananda saw what he had accomplished, he said approvingly, "That is how the devotee must seek God - continually digging, digging, without looking to see how far he has come. Then one day, suddenly, he will find himself there!"

We come to discover that we are not actually in charge. I like being responsible. I like to work and serve. I have no problem doing my part. But the joy and freedom of knowing that I am not in charge means that I can do my part, and let God do His. I will do my part as well as I am able, with the right intentions. I do not have to worry about the results of my actions. That is not my part, it is His.

Joy to you,
Kriyabans meditating on the ridge at The Moksha Mandir, Ananda Village, Northern California
Ananda Meditation Teacher Training
May 19 -22, 2016

You'll love the extremely deep experience of studying, practicing, and deepening your own meditation while you learn to teach others. Here at The Expanding Light Retreat, the energy developed over decades of people meditating has created an aura that will lift and support you as you go deep.

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"Do not expect a spiritual blossom every day in the garden of your life. Have faith that the Lord, if you surrender yourself to Him completely, will bring you divine fulfillment in His time, which is the right time.

"Having sown the seed of God-aspiration, water it daily with prayer and right action. Remove from your mind the weeds of lethargy, doubt, and indecision. When the sprouts of divine perception appear, tend them with devotional care.

"One morning you will behold, fully grown, the fairest flower of Self-realization."

From The Essence of Self-Realization
Swami Kriyananda with Jyotish at Spiritual Renenwal Week
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training
July 10 - August 7 , October 23 - November 20, 2016
March 26 - April 23, 2017 (two week options for all dates)

You get more at The Expanding Light: More support, more love, more confidence, more spirit...
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"The Divine Mother is so beautiful! But remember, in Her higher manifestation even that beauty is formless. She is in everything. Her divine, compassionate love is expressed in the raindrops. Her beauty is reflected in the colors of the rainbow. She offers fresh hope to mankind with the rose-tinted clouds at dawn"

From The Essence of Self-Realization
Beth Cohen completed Ananda MTT in October 2002.

Beth Cohen completed the Ananda Meditation Teacher training in October 2002. Since then, she has taught meditation to approximately 10,000 individuals. As the director of the UC Davis' Faculty and Staff Counseling Center for 9 years, Beth taught...

From a blog post "Ananda Meditation Teacher Success Story".
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Moksha Mandir at Ananda Village
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Moksha Mandir at Ananda Village
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