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Dear friend,

Swami Kriyananda was the most creative person that many of us ever met. Swamiji generated talks, letters, musical compositions, photos, books and more to a degree that would be prodigious for several people. In the deepest sense however, he really had only one topic: How to Find God.

The greatest creativity will be expressed when we are deeply inspired, and particularly when we feel strongly that we want to share that inspiration. The greatest creativity will flow when we are deeply focused on what we want to achieve and convey.

Swamiji's inspiration was not about writing books or creating music. Rather it was exploring and sharing the love of God that he knew. Swami was in tune with his guru and wanting nothing but to share that vibration and those teachings with all who were interested. Creativity does not come from the channels of expression. It comes from a deep inner connection. The greatest creative acts of all come from Love. You can't be truly creative unless you have something real to share. Deepen your own inner connection. Your expression will reveal itself in turn.

Joy to you,
Discover Your Own Happiness Retreat
A 5-day Program
April 10 - 15
Led by Nayaswami Anandi

The best place to focus your creativity!

"True happiness is never to be found outside the Self.
Those who seek it there are as if chasing rainbows
among the clouds!" -Paramhansa Yogananda

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Swami Kriyananda at a Satsang in Seattle
Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

"For disciples, the surest way to express themselves creatively is to attune themselves to their guru's consciousness and to his wishes for them. His entire task is to speed his disciples on the path of self-enfoldment. Are you a good organizer? Then seek inwardly, from your guru, the inspiration needed for any organizational work you do."

The New Path
Crystal Clarity Publishers

Phoph - YTT & MTT graduate from The Expanding Light Retreat
Blog: Creativity Applied

An Ananda Yoga and Meditation Teacher's Success Story:

In the year and a half after completing his trainings at The Expanding Light, Phoph has taught more than 1,000 students yoga and meditation.

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