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Dear friend

Successes are fun. They feel rewarding. Since they pretty much never arrive unless we've worked very hard toward them, we feel a sense of satisfaction in the rewards for our efforts. I think we need some to stay balanced. It's great when you've won the race, launched the product, got the girl, met the goal.

Those events and situations that didn't turn out as we had hoped are often the most valuable to us, however. In hindsight, we often can see that those difficult, and apparently unsuccessful times, were those that led more to our own growth and happiness in the long run. True success in this lifetime means moving closer to home - closer to God. It is by facing our karma and keeping our energy high through the challenges that we do this.

I just read an older article by Jyotish & Devi in Clarity Magazine. In it they mentioned a study that reported paraplegic people were as happy as lottery winners. Contrary to our indoctrination, happiness doesn't come from having it easy.

It was probably in those "unsuccessful" efforts that we learned more about the world around us; and more importantly - about ourselves. In practicing and learning how to deal with failure and challenges, our own spiritual level rises.

Be kind to yourself. Remember the deeper wins within what appear to be failures.

Peace and Harmony,
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March 11 - 13, 2016

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Coconut Rice with Sesame Seeds
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From Our Contribution to World Peace
by Meditation Teacher Students:
Adriana's Meditation Student
Hong Sau Healing of Anxiety Attacks

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Inspiration from Yogananda

'Heavenly Father, teach me how to dive in Thy Ocean of Plenty again and again if I do not find the pearls of Thy Perception by one or two divings. I will not say that Thy Ocean of Everything is empty, for Thou wilt show me that the fault is with my diving. I will put on the diving apparel of faith, power, and fortitude, and Thou wilt direct my mind to dive in the right place, where Thy bounty is hidden.'

Paramhansa Yogananda triptych - Expanding Light Retreat- California
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