Yoga Teacher Support Center
Spiritualize all levels of yoga practice

Yoga Teacher Support Center

Learn how to reach your students on all levels: physical, psychological, spiritual.

  • Teach students with unique needs
  • Use the life force in asanas
  • Facilitate personal spiritual experience
  • Stay inspired in your teaching

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Important Reading for Yoga Teachers
June 6, 2016

Yoga Alliance's New Policy on Yoga Therapy More…

Returning to Yoga after a Back Injury
April 6, 2015

I returned to teaching yoga after a nearly two-year hiatus while I recuperated from a painful back injury More…

The “Right” Way to End Deep Relaxation
Sep. 23, 2014

When we come out of deep relaxation in Savasana, why do you always have us roll onto our right sides? Why not the left side? More…

Taking God Out of “God”: A Crash Course in Semantics
Sep. 23, 2014

Many of us find ourselves teaching in environments where our language skills are put to test, particularly in replacing or avoiding the word “God.” More…

Teaching Yoga to Seniors & People with Osteoporosis
May 7, 2014

For fifteen years, I’ve been teaching yoga. In December of 2012, I did something that changed the direction of my yoga teaching in a very positive way... More…

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