The Expanding Light Presents

For more than 40 years The Expanding Light Retreat has offered uplifting retreat programs and professional trainings in our highly spiritualized setting in Northern California. People from around the world come to visit year-round to learn and explore their own inner depth while supported by our remarkable staff. Guests of all religious and cultural backgrounds bask in the peace of our exquisitely beautiful location within Ananda Village, one of the most successful intentional spiritual communities in the world. Visitors learn to meditate, may train to become an Ananda Yoga teacher, or they relax and renew while on personal retreat. No matter what the focus of their stay, guests find themselves uplifted by the joy and peace created from our deep devotion to knowing our highest Self.

We are very excited to launch a new initiative called ‘The Expanding Light Presents.’ This year’s offering, The Yuga Conference, is the first of what we envision will be many uplifting and inspirational conferences and special events to bring together great thinkers of the new age, our deeply attuned teaching staff, and YOU, the interested individual seeking a deeper understanding of the source from which your life springs.

We warmly invite you to join us for our special events, and hope you will share them with your friends.

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