The Holistic Health Self-Assessment Quiz
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Welcome to the Holistic Health Self-Assessment Quiz. Please rate your level for each of the questions below. After you finish answering all the questions, click the submit button to instantly receive your scores.

How would you rate your: Poor   Fluctuating   Fair   Good   Excellent
  1. Day to day energy level?
2. Sense of well being?
3. Resilience to colds, flus and allergies?
4. Speed of recovery from infections?
5. Overall digestion?
6. Food cravings & overall dietary choices?
7. Capacity to exercise?
8. Condition of your nervous system?
9. Condition of organs of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste?
10. Overall health?
11. Is your body weight appropriate for your frame?
  Never  Rarely  Sometimes  Mostly  Always
12. How frequently do you have headaches, muscle, joint aches or pains?
13. How often does a disease or condition of the body energetically limit you?
14. How often can you control or alter any diseases you already have?
15. Is it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night?
16. How often do you sleep more than 8 hours a day?
17. How regularly do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed?
18. How much are you able to work in meaningful way or serve others?
How would you rate your: Poor   Fluctuating   Fair   Good   Excellent
  19. Overall mental health?
20. Self esteem, self acceptance?
21. Closest relationships (spouse, parents, children etc)?
22. Friendships and acquaintances?
How frequently do you have difficulties with: Never  Rarely  Sometimes  Mostly  Always
  23. Moods?
24. Depression?
25. Anger?
26. Fears?
27. Negativity?
28. Restlessness?
29. Boredom?
30. Emotional numbness?
31. Stress?
32. I usually perform my duties: only if I really have to
only to get some kind of benefit
willingly, as a service to others
as service to a higher power
33. When I need to concentrate, I usually find distractions become even more prominent
feel restless, impatient, butterfly attention
patiently refocus when my mind wanders
feel absorbed with full attention
34. When facing a challenge, I usually shrink away or procrastinate
look for the easiest and fastest way to get what I want
resolutely and tenaciously try my best
calmly seek to embrace the 'big picture' solution
35. When inconvenienced I usually become resentful
impatient and demanding
adaptable to circumstances
content and forgiving
36. When I disagree I usually become angry and stubborn
determined to convince others that only my view is right
respectful but stand up for my opinion
grateful for the opportunity to look deeply for truth
37. When I make a mistake I usually deny it or try to cover it up
fix it if there is a benefit for me
focus on working hard to make things right
cheerfully correct myself, seeing God as the doer
38. My tone of voice is usually weak and thin
harsh or shrill
melodious and full
39. My handwriting is usually illegible
hurried and careless
flowing and creative
 Never  Rarely  Sometimes  Mostly  Always
  40. I feel a sense of calmness in the midst of activity
41. I experience an inner source of joy independent from outer events
42. I am generous and loving
43. My decisions are guided by wise intuition
44. I can relax into an inner haven of peace
45. I am strong in myself and follow through on my intentions
46. I am in tune with cosmic energy and see my life as part of a flow
47. My consciousness feels light and expansive

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