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Ananda Meditation® is a practice for deep relaxation & stress reduction. The practices can become guiding lights on a spiritual Path, a lifestyle, for people interested in connecting with the Divine through various breathing and mantra practices. The introductory practice is for anyone seeking to feel more inward peace and express more outward compassion & joy.
Kriya Yoga is the comprehensive spiritual path that was brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. The Expanding Light Retreat joyfully shares the initial meditation practice of Kriya Yoga with all our guests – the Hong Sau technique. The resources on this page provide you experiential videos to watch, articles to read, and other ways to connect with the uplifting, life-changing facets of Ananda meditation.

You can help us make this site an ever-richer source of support. If you have something to share with other graduates—an article, a letter, a research result, a funny story, an inspiring experience, even a meditation-oriented cartoon or joke—please contact Diksha.

What does Ananda Meditation® Teacher Training qualify graduates to teach?

Graduates of Ananda Meditation Teacher Training are qualified to teach:

  • A variety of sitting positions
  • Various breathing techniques to relax the body and calm the mind
  • Use of affirmation and visualization
  • The Hong-Sau technique of meditation

But often that’s too long. You need a short name that will enable you to communicate your offering to the public. After all, other teachers of meditation have such names: Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Mindfulness, etc. What name could you use? Certainly using "Hong-Sau" would not be the best marketing approach.

Ananda feels that it is appropriate and truthful for you to say "Ananda Meditation," even though what you are qualified to teach is only a subset of Ananda Meditation, which also includes AUM Technique, Kriya Yoga, and a number of associated practices.

Meditation Teacher Graduates

Ananda is in the process of trademarking “Ananda Meditation,” so if you use the phrase “Ananda Meditation” or “Ananda Meditation Teacher,” please add the ® superscript: Ananda Meditation®. You don’t have to insert it for every occurrence; it’s fine to add it just once or twice on any document or web page, as we have done here.

Of course, if you mix Hong-Sau with other practices from outside the Ananda teachings, then it's not appropriate to call what you teach "Ananda Meditation."

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