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The Yuga Cycle of the Ages
& Our Awakening Consciousness

Memorial Day Weekend   May 25 - 28, 2012
Presented by The Expanding Light Retreat
and Ananda College of Living Wisdom

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Two trends – one ancient and one modern – are awakening the consciousness of the world. We are witnessing a world-wide and dynamic renaissance of ancient wisdom traditions. Yoga, meditation, life force control, acupuncture, ayurveda, and scores of other practices are now widespread. At the same time similar insights are emerging from science and the creative work of intuitive pioneers. Mind-body medicine, quantum awareness, life force healing, holistic health, psychic awareness, and martial arts are but a few of the hundreds of fresh expressions of timeless wisdom.

Why are these two trends happening now?

The cycle of the yugas tells us that human development is cyclical and that high ages existed in the past. We have entered a “new age” for us, but it is an age which shares the consciousness of the pyramid builders and ancient sages, when awareness of subtle energy and higher consciousness was the norm -- not the exception.

Join us as we learn from the past – and the present – from secrets of the Great Pyramid to quantum theory, from timeless mythic lore to mind-body holism, from the dim reaches of the past to leading edge physics, from heart, mind, body, and Spirit.

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