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What to Expect in Bridge to Ananda Yoga
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training

Bridge to Ananda Yoga consists of a 4 - 5 hour online pre-class element followed by the first 8 days (7nights) of Level 1 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training (Sunday evening through Sunday morning of the 8th day) plus several special classes only for Bridge students.

Assignments & Course Requirements

Complete the online course and attend all required Ananda YTT classes for days 1-8, Monday through the following Sunday morning.

Attend 2 special classes just for Bridge students during these 8 days:

  • Yoga & the Astral Body and Introduction to the Chakras
  • How to Teach Ananda Yoga 1 & 2

Plan and Teach an Ananda style class with team mates on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday evening you will prepare another Class Plan for an Ananda-style yoga class that you will teach after you return home. This class plan will be reviewed with other Bridge students and one of the Bridge instructors on Sunday morning.

Complete two written homework assignments.

Further details and due dates will be given when you arrive.


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