Permaculture Workshops at Ananda Village

Permaculture Workshops at Ananda Village

Saturdays 9 am–1pm


Permaculture is a system to help humans live in greater harmony with the wisdom of nature.

Taking Notes at Permaculture Workshop

At Ananda we’re working with two Permaculture experts, Tom and Renee Wade, to discover how to create Food Forests.

You’re invited to join in these valuable and fun sessions.

What is a Food Forest? It is an orchard and garden combined into a biodiverse, forest-mimicking, multi-layered, symbiotic mix of edible and medicinal plants. By design, it maximizes the productive use of light, water, and soil nutrients.

These workshops are offered Saturdays from 9 am–1 pm.

Weaving the Layers of the Food Forest, part II

  • Understand how to place plants in relation to each other
  • Gain confidence in designing plant guilds for your own place
  • Learn how to work with wetland areas

The Flora Needs the Fauna

  • Learn a multi-layered approach to gophers
  • Find out how to assist the pollinators
  • Understand how to integrate birds (chickens, ducks, geese) into the food forest, including the do’s and don’ts of building a chicken tractor
Working at the Permaculture Workshop

Tom and Renee Wade are certified Permaculture Design Consultants with 35 years combined experience in professional organic landscaping and gardening, with 10 years’ experience in the Sierra microclimate.

Work Parties

In addition, there are Work Party mornings, at no charge. You will join about 30 Ananda Village residents in the work, and will learn a tremendous amount about Permaculture in the process.

You may register as an Expanding Light Personal Retreat guest.

Overcoming Obstacles course leader Diksha McCord

From Left: Renee and Tom Wade, instructors;
Alex and Devadasi Forrester, program coordinators.

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