Know Your Strengths- Find Your Balance

Led by Nayaswami Diksha

Know Your Strengths- Find Your Balance
Yogic Principles for Self Transformation

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During this weekend you will:

  • Learn to recognize in yourself the three aspects of divinity: the creator, the sustainer, and the destroyer
  • Learn to see in each of the three aspects both your strengths and weaknesses, and to make the most of your strengths
  • Discover how to create positive and realistic goals for yourself
  • Explore to work constructively with your unique energy

Here is some spiritual background on this profoundly useful weekend:

Shiva Statue in Ananda VillageEach of us is a unique creation of God. AUM, the Cosmic Creative Energy, also called the Divine Mother, has become each one of us. According to Indian teachings, AUM contains in its essence, 3 forces:

  • The creator (Brahma)
  • The sustainer (Vishnu)
  • The destroyer (Shiva)

Since we have come from God through the AUM vibration, we also contain all of these 3 forces.

Can you see and feel these energies within yourself? Is your nature to be creative and inventive? Or to support others in maintaining the current situation? Or are you by nature a renunciate – interested in letting go of all attachments?

Diksha teaching - yogic principles class

During this fascinating and beneficial weekend, you’ll be guided to explore your own nature: How to understand your personal challenges, how to make the most of your personal strengths. Woven into the weekend, stories of the various Hindu gods and goddesses will bring these 3 forces to life.

Hindu way of Awakening by Swami Kriyananda

Each of these 3 elements can inspire and keep you moving forward. And each force can also pull you downward — by blocking, distracting, or deadening your own energy flow.

Hidden within the ancient teachings of India are practical guidelines for making your life more fulfilling and successful.

Saturday evening will feature an Indian-style puja, which includes chanting and devotional purification of the senses.

Each participant will receive Swami Kriyananda’s book, The Hindu Way of Awakening.

3 Tips to Know Your Strengths – Find Your Balance

1. Every day try to do something in a new way.
2. Follow a healthy daily routine.
3. Let go of negative thoughts that block your flow of positive energy.

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