Students’ Experiences

“My meditation teacher training has most definitely been beneficial, not only to me but to 100's of people who work at UCDavis.” More...

—Beth, Ph.D. Director Academic & Staff Assistance Program
  University of California, Davis

“How wonderful it has been for me to be in this training.  It has surpassed my expectations — it's been incredibly educational, inspiring, and deeply nourishing.  Many,many thanks.”

– Michelle, M.D., Ph.D., Boston, MA

“It was even more then I hoped for. I feel confident, knowledgeable, and able to bring my skills home with me. I can’t wait to teach meditation. I loved all the teaching skills and technique classes. The teachers were effective, to the point, caring, and nurturing. You will leave with a complete knowledge on how to teach meditation in any setting. You will not be disappointed in your experience or education. You will be confident in your ability to run a class, lead a meditation, and answer any questions that come up.”

– Kaitlyn, Long Branch, NJ

“This program was more than I could have expected. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to come here and learn. Both instructors were incredible. Open, loving, accessible, knowledgeable, wise, and humble. When I came to Ananda, I didn’t know what to expect; I am leaving a changed woman, in body, mind and spirit.”

–Mary, Golden Valley, MN


“I can’t imagine a better Meditation Teacher Training Program. I feel the program has given me a deeper experience in my personal practice and provided me the tools to teach others.”

– Rose, Portland, OR

“I feel prepared and confident to move forward in my life as a meditation teacher. My heart has grown 7 times larger from this program and the loving, knowledgable teachers. Top notch accommodations! I LOVED the food!.”

— Sharon B.

“The best teachers: gracious, loving, knowledgable, excellent speakers, spiritual - lots of power. The have the ability to really impart information so that it is usuable with lots of excellent stories and illustrations. I leave knowing I can teach meditation to anyone. The food was too good! Lovely room and facilities.”

—Katie C.

“Inclusive and respectful of different paths. Authentic and inspiring. Loved the cabin. Very clean facilities.”

—Julie B.

“This is the best gift I have ever given to myself.”

—Sandra A

“I wanted to let you know how much Meditation Teacher Training changed my life for the better, and how much more open my heart is because of it! My business has increased thanks to a more positive outlook in my life, but even more importantly, I am able to look at my life and others with less judgment and more love.”

– Jordan

“It’s clearly, supportively, and well taught. You’ll be a better meditation teacher after the first day, and it just keeps getting better.”

– Toni

“All the teachers taught from the heart. They believe in what they are teaching. They all are examples of how to live in the divine. This is a wonderful way to reach your inner self.”

– Tim, Alameda, CA


“The best program I have ever taken - it went very deep and got me inspired. I have a feeling it was a life-changing experience.”

– Petra, Haiku, HI

“My meditation teacher training has most definitely been beneficial, not only to me but to 100's of people who work at UCDavis. I moved to Davis from Los Angeles several years ago and took a position at UCDavis as the Director of the Faculty and Staff Counseling Center. As a psychologist by trade, I was given the opportunity to create programming that would meet the wellness and prevention needs of the faculty and staff.

Two years ago I decided to offer an Introduction to Meditation class for 8 weeks to assess interest. I now have to close each class with 100 members as well as many more names on a waiting list. If the room would allow for more, we have enough interest each quarter to fill a room of 200! The class is held for one hour during lunch. The first 20 minutes is spent introducing new meditation concepts, generating discussion and teaching different energization, meditation and lifestyle techniques. We use the Superconscious Exercises to create energy as well as a couple stretches before actually sitting down for the meditation. The last 20 to 30 minutes is actually spent in meditation practice.

Many of us know that meditating in large groups is quite a powerful experience. Many beginners report that they have much deeper experiences meditating with our group than when they are alone. I now teach both beginners and more advanced meditators together in an effort to enhance the beginners practice. The advanced meditators assist by talking about their experiences, especially as a “beginner” as well as addressing other issues that arise as people meditate more regularly. Although each time we offer the class, there are many new faces; about half of the old members return to take it again. I can not think of a better compliment.

Although meditation instruction is not a core service in my department at UCDavis, it has become a bit of my signature. Many people now know me as the “meditation teacher” and I am proud of the title.

I certainly give you permission to pass this information along. Thank you again for instructing me 6 years ago. I have touched many people as a result.”

Beth, Ph.D.
Academic & Staff Assistance Program
University of California, Davis


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