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Ananda Meditation® Teacher Training
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This certification training is for anyone who wants to help others have a higher quality of life. You might want to teach friends, family, or co-workers. Or you might want a new tool as a life coach, psychotherapist, minister, counselor, social worker, nurse, or doctor. Or you simply might want to start teaching and see where it takes you. Meditation is in great demand, due to the many benefits that research has proved in recent years, as well as to increased spiritual seeking.

Online Meditation Teacher Training IntroductionListen to Gyandev's heartfelt Introduction to Online Meditation Teacher Training

Reflections by Meditation Teacher Training GraduatesListen to what some of our graduates have to say


Teaching meditation is one of the greatest services that anyone can offer to others. Through this teacher support center, we want to support you in this service, and help you reach more and more people. It already offers much information and inspiration, and it will grow. Our graduates receive additional, specialized support via the Network of Ananda Meditation Teachers.

What is the insightful advice an Ananda Meditation Teacher has presented you?

The most insightful advice an Ananda Meditation Teacher has presented

The most insightful advice an Ananda Meditation Teacher has presented is this: Just leave everything behind except for this very moment. You are here now.   More...

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training


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