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Intermediate Yoga Retreat

“Not ever having practiced yoga before, I really was not sure what to expect. I am leaving with a sense of peace and relaxation that I did not think was possible in my busy life. I also have been given tools that will allow me to reach that level at home. The food was wonderful and the idyllic setting in the Sierras made this a weekend I would like to repeat soon.”

– Cheryl, Grayslake, IL

“Wow! Powerful yoga sessions. I finally understood the spirituality behind hatha yoga–I also feel ready to start a regular practice of yoga and meditation.”

– Cheryl, Colfax, CA

“I thought the spiritual teaching of Ananda might “get in my way,” but not only was that not the case, they blended well with my own spiritual beliefs and practices–once again reminding me of the importance of staying open. I gained a wonderful experience of Ananda Yoga®, especially holding the poses and relaxing into them. It definitely deepened my yoga experience/life–and also my meditation practice. Thank you for this life–changing experience!”

– Barbara, Chico, CA

“Lisa is a wonderful teacher and is so skilled while remaining present, nurturing, and down to earth. She shares her deep spiritual focus and soul awareness in yoga practices, so inspiring, and gives me a new focus for doing postures with greater awareness.”

– Jan, Denver, CO

Weekend Yoga Retreat

“Exceeded my expectations once again (underline once again)! The atmosphere in class was supportive, encouraging, and gentle. I have no soreness, and feel loose, open, and grounded.”

– Sally, Reno, NV

“I reached a significant breakthrough in my life. It wasn’t what I was expecting, not what I was looking for. For this I will be forever grateful and will be motivated to continue.”

– Marty, Nevada City, CA

“The instructor was excellent–exact teaching skills, informative, kind, open, and sharing her knowledge with ease. Easy to understand the poses and very gentle.”

– Debi, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

“It gave me a good introduction to yoga. I especially appreciated Jyoti’s personalized care and her full knowledge of physiology and anatomy as well as spirituality. I found it helpful to have all this information included within the instruction as it gave me a more complete understanding of what I was doing and why.”

– Peggy, Sacramento, CA

Restorative Yoga

“As someone recovering from chronic illness (fibromyalgia), I experienced a profound release of pain and tension during the restorative yoga class. Jyoti’s teaching style is superb: clear, uplifting and attentive to each person’s needs. And this yoga is simple enough to repeat at home, as part of a daily routine. I recommend this for anyone needing gentle, soothing therapy for muscle pain.”

– JM, Ananda Village

“Jyoti is such an incredible teacher, and the sprit surrounds us all when she shines forth her love. I felt totally nurtured and taken care of. I had just had a minor sacroiliac injury, and she was attentive to my every need. By the time I left I felt thoroughly renewed, no trace of pain. The whole staff here is wonderful. It’s like coming home to family every time I return here. I’m already looking forward to my next “family reunion” here.”

– Donna, Eugene, OR

“No greater fortune could befall me than the blessings received from the restorative yoga class. The opening of my heart chakra and the love experienced is indescribable. There is a calmness about me that has not existed in the past. I look forward to bringing it into the world.”

– Zac, Sacramento, CA

“Once again I have had a wonderful experience at Ananda. This is my fourth retreat and I brought along four friends to celebrate the experience. Each one thanked me for bringing them along–Every visit I worry I won’t be able to have the incredible high I have had during past visits–but they are always even better!”

– Nancy

General Yoga

“Sometimes when I visit The Expanding Light, I am only able to do so for a weekend program, but what a difference three days makes! Being enveloped in the vibrant energy of the great souls leading and assisting this retreat is always so restorative. The calmness and perspective I gain allows me to arise renewed and ready to greet new challenges in my life with more joy!”

– Tracy

Advanced Pranayama and the Subtle Body

“Books are useful, but have their limitations. The subtleties of pranayama technique can only be learned from experienced teachers. I can’t imagine better teachers than those at The Expanding Light who live these techniques in a very personal way. My experience was transforming.”

– Fran, San Pedro, CA

“This program gave me both an incredible wealth of information and techniques to share with my students, and a deepening experience of my own yoga practice. I can now help my students experience the deeper aspects of yoga and empower them to take control of their own energy. For myself, I feel a renewed enthusiasm for my own practice and teaching.”

– Kristi, Seattle, WA

“This course goes to the heart of tradition as it applies to yoga. It was clear and the techniques we practiced were powerful. The student teaching sessions I have experienced at Ananda have truly helped inspire me to higher levels of understanding in hatha yoga, meditation, and pranayama techniques. Thank you for caring so much.”

– Mark, Kauai, Hawaii

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