The Yoga of Yogananda
Ananda Yoga for Deepening Your Spiritual Life

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with Vahini and Melody Hansen

How are yoga postures best used as a tool for spiritual growth? That is the focus for this powerful 5-day retreat. During this fabulously rejuvenating retreat, you’ll dive deeply into Ananda Yoga daily and learn how to use your yoga for profound spiritual growth.

Your 5 days will include:

  • Learning how to control your energy for deeper inner peace
  • How to use willpower to accomplish your highest goals
  • How to concentrate more deeply so you’re more effective in all your endeavors
  • The power of positive thinking for greater success and personal upliftment
  • Even-mindedness as fundamental for forward progress
  • How to experience and draw the benefits of the chakras
  • The deep joy of love and devotion as it exists within your own being
  • Ending your visit with the heart-opening ceremonies of Purification and Festival of Light.

This 5-day course can be enjoyed by people on different skill levels: ideally, you should have some familiarity with yoga postures because the emphasis of the course will be on deep, spiritual enjoyment of the poses instead of beginning instruction. If you are a highly experienced yoga practitioner, we hope you will find new inspiration in these classes to take your practice even further. May you discover new horizons, approaching the asanas from a fresh perspective.

Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the great spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, opened the West to the message of Yoga—especially yoga meditation and philosophy. Personally trained by Yogananda, his disciple Swami Kriyananda applied his in-depth spiritual training to explore the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga postures and create the Ananda Yoga system.

Whatever your spiritual tradition, you will love these universal teachings for journeying more deeply into your life and asana practice.


Vahini-Ananda-Yoga for total wellbeing-ELR video

Get to know Vahini in this fun video...

The retreat takes you step-by-step into spiritual awakening through Ananda Yoga.

  • We begin with Ananda Yoga to stimulate the well-being of body, mind, and soul: How to feel nourished at each level. We especially attune to the power of the mind to enhance the depth of your practice.
  • Then we experience the internal energy of the spine and chakras that yoga awakens.
  • By the end of our time together, your yoga practice will deepen your feelings of devotion and divine love, and you’ll discover that opening the heart brings the most profound benefits and joy into your life.

In addition to 5 days of great joy and personal growth (the ultimate spiritual vacation!), you will take home:

  • A concentration technique to prepare for meditation
  • Yogananda’s powerful Energization Exercises
  • A gift copy of Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings have transformed the lives of millions around the world.  We invite you to join this very special experience.

Schedule for your 5-day Yoga Retreat:


7:30pm Welcome and Orientation


6:30 - 8:30am Offered Daily  (optional)

              Guided Energization Exercises, yoga postures, and meditation 

10:00     Yoga of Yogananda: Introduction and practice

2-3pm    Energization Exercises class

4-6pm    Yoga of Yogananda: The ideal combination of breath and yoga for best results

6-6:30pm Guided meditation using Yogananda's techniques and imagery


10:00     Yoga of Yogananda: The power of the mind

2-3pm    Instruction in Meditation: Yogananda's Hong-Sau technique

4-6         Yoga of Yogananda: Stillness in your yoga practice

6-6:30    Guided meditation

7:30       Devotional chanting (optional)


10:00    Yoga of Yogananda: Infusing your practice with deep concentration 

4-6        Yoga of Yogananda: Attuning to energy in the spine

6-6:30   Guided meditation

7:30      Concert of music attuned to Yogananda 


10:00   Yoga of Yogananda: Deepening your experience of the chakras

4-6       Yoga of Yogananda: Let Love fill your yoga practice

7:30     Kirtan 


9:15    Yoga of Yogananda: Sharing Circle 

10:00   Purification Ceremony

11:00   Sunday Service

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Vahini has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years, and has lived in Ananda centers since 2009, mostly in Assisi, Italy. She is a contributing teacher in the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training, trained prenatal instructor, and in the past 7 years she has been teaching yoga with the emphasis on the subjects of deep relaxation and creating a deeper connection with nature. She is eternally thankful to be able to share these teachings, which have powerfully transformed her life.

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Vahini.

Melody Hansen

Melody Hansen

Director of Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training, Director of Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Level 2 Ananda Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, Ananda Meditation® Teacher

Melody is an extraordinary yoga teacher, who conveys her great knowledge of yoga asanas—from physical mechanics to spiritual upliftment—with a blend of graciousness, authority, and fun. One of Melody's greatest strengths is the purity of her transmission of Yoga. She has very little egotism to block the clear flow of inspiration she shares. Her inner life is committed and deep, and she's able to help students experience that depth in their yoga practice.

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No dates scheduled for The Yoga of Yogananda at this time.

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The Yoga of Yogananda starts the afternoon of the first date listed and ends with lunch on the last date. It's ideal to arrive before 4 pm, if you are able to. That way, you can join in the afternoon session of guided yoga postures and meditation, which begins at 4:45. Dinner is at 6:30. The first real gathering of your group is after dinner. Please see:

You can add extra personal retreat days before and/or after your program. Check availability and costs for the days and accommodations that you require.

The Yoga of Yogananda starts the afternoon of the first date listed. It’s ideal to arrive before 4 pm, if you are able to. That way, you can join in the afternoon session of yoga and meditation, which begins at 4:45 pm. Dinner is at 6:30. The first real gathering of your group is at 7:30 pm. If you need to arrive here after 5 pm, that’s fine, but it helps us if you let us know at 800-346-5350. We can also put aside a dinner for you if you need to arrive after 7 pm. The program ends with lunch on the last date. Please see our Daily Schedule.

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