Badri Matlock

Led by Badri Matlock

Yoga and Meditation for Beginners Retreat

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Yoga and meditation are for everyone. In this retreat you will receive:

  • Spiritual support and guidance in a beautiful and uplifting environment
  • Instruction in yoga postures and other techniques for good health in body, mind, and spirit
  • An effective, easy-to-practice meditation technique for greater peace of mind, concentration, and happiness
  • Resources you can take home: handouts, as well as online video/audio resources for spiritual inspiration and support
  • Delicious, healthy vegetarian cuisine
Badri meditating in the meadow at The Expanding Light Retreat

This weekend will be deeply relaxing, energizing, and restoring; plus, you will leave with tools to add into your daily life to keep yourself more stress-free. If you’ve always wanted to learn to meditate or to try yoga, this is an ideal time and setting in which to begin! 

Try out these tips below and release all tensions from your daily life.


Tips for a Calmer and More Focused Mind

If you are feeling tense, inhale and tense the body all over, making fists and squeezing  your muscles. Then, exhale forcefully as you release all the tension. Pay attention to places you may still be holding tension—the jaw? The shoulders? Backs of the knees? Try to “breathe” into those areas and relax them consciously.

Sit quietly and breathe very slowly and gently through the nose. Inhale to a count of 5, hold the breath for 5, and exhale to a count of 5. Repeat 6 to 12 times.


Badri meditating in the meadow at The Expanding Light Retreat

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