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The Ananda Yoga Series

In this unique DVD series, you’ll use asanas and other Ananda Yoga techniques to strengthen a wide range of valuable life skills. Each of the 12 volumes in this series includes 4 classes, 2 warm-up routines, and practice guidelines.

Volume 1 is available now, with successive volumes becoming available every 2-3 months. We are on track to release Volume 2 of The Ananda Yoga Series in Spring 2014 (March or early April), and Volume 3 in Summer 2014. To order:

  • Call The Expanding Light boutique (800-346-5350 or 530-478-7518), or
volume 1

1. Live from Your Center

Class 1: Connect with Your Center
Class 2: Free Your Breath
Class 3: Breathe into Stillness
Class 4: Stay Calm during Activity

Available Now

volume 1

2. Energize Your Life

Class 1: Awaken Your Energy
Class 2: Become an Energy Magnet
Class 3: Full Energization Plus
Class 4: The Secret of High Energy

volume 1

3. Relax and Reconnect

Class 1: Find Ease Within Effort
Class 2: Relax Skillfully
Class 3: Relax Away from Distraction
Class 4: Relax into Soul-Awareness

volume 1

4. Enhance Your Meditation

Class 1: Sharpen Your Concentration
Class 2: Practice True Meditation
Class 3: Deepen Your Meditation
Class 4: Receive Inner Guidance

volume 1

5. Build Inner Strength

Class 1: Increase Your Willpower
Class 2: Gain Inner Flexibility
Class 3: Awaken Your Heart’s Power
Class 4: Access the Source of Strength

volume 1

6. Attain True Happiness

Class 1: Lift Your Consciousness
Class 2: Cultivate Even-Mindedness
Class 3: A Method for Happiness
Class 4: Connect with Divine Joy

volume 1

7. Find Peace of Mind

Class 1: Ease Stress & Worry
Class 2: Flow with Change
Class 3: Slow Down and Focus
Class 4: The Supreme Key to Peace

volume 1

8. Heal Body and Mind

Class 1: Enhance the Healing Process
Class 2: Strengthen Your Aura
Class 3: Release Anxiety & Fear
Class 4: Rise Above Depression

volume 1

9. Achieve Your Goals

Class 1: Focus Your Energy
Class 2: Develop Your Hidden Power
Class 3: Bring God into Your Goals
Class 4: Attract Success

volume 1

10. Balance Your Emotions

Class 1: Calm Your Emotions
Class 2: Overcome Moods
Class 3: Change Emotional Habits
Class 4: Lead with Your Heart

volume 1

11. Deepen Your Inner Life

Class 1: Claim Your Divine Power
Class 2: Break Free of Limitation
Class 3: Become Inwardly Receptive
Class 4: Experience Soul Stillness

volume 1

12. Come Closer to God

Class 1: Open to Spirit
Class 2: Partner with the Divine
Class 3: Deepen Your Devotion
Class 4: Flow with Grace

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