Forest Bathing
Be Healed in Nature with Inspirational Activities

  • May 22 – 24, 2020

with Sundara Traymar

Un-Plug from the constant pull and stress of the digital world and re-connect to the healing power of nature—with forest activities designed by world-renowned author and naturalist Joseph Bharat Cornell.

These unique nature activities help us open more fully to nature’s healing power; they have been used around the world. Inspired by the yogic tradition, the activities guide us to focus attention and be receptive to nature in creative and fun ways.

What you will gain:

  • Breathe deeply nature’s healing influences in our 700 acres of coniferous and deciduous forests. Fill your tissues and pores with life-giving energy. Studies have shown that “bathing” in phytonic-rich forests significantly decreases level of stress hormones, anxiety, anger, and fatigue.
  • Practice nature meditation exercises to quiet your mind, expand your consciousness, and open your heart.
  • Learn how to internalize your experience of nature and feel a greater sense of peace and connection. Our wellness exercises provide a restorative cure for the many ailments that arise from spending too little time outdoors.
  • Feel a spirit of community and communion with others and with nature.

Please note: Most of our time together will be spent outdoors. Please bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, rain jacket, and water bottle.

Bonus: You will be given a signed copy of Joseph’s book, The Sky and Earth Touched Me–Sharing Nature Wellness Exercises (insert Sky and Earth book cover photo)

“Joseph Cornell is one of the true founding fathers of Forest Therapy practice. It was Joseph who—decades ago—recognized and learned to utilize the positive health potential forests and natural environments have on human beings.” –Doctors Qing Li, Won Sop Shin, Andreas Michalsen, and Dieter Kotte, Editors, International Handbook of Forest Therapy

Book Trailer-The Sky and Earth Touched Me

“The Sky and Earth Touched Me shows us the way to open our hearts to all that surrounds us, and to remember, through experience, that we are part of a whole that will support, sustain, uplift, and expand our consciousness to that place of perfect wellness.” —Shanti Rubenstone, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1983 

Free Nature Activity: Nature and Me (make link downloadable)

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Sundara Traymar

Sundara Traymar

Inspirational teacher and retreat leader
International Director, Sharing Nature Worldwide
Gardener, Crystal Hermitage Gardens at Ananda Village

Sundara (Greg) Traymar is the International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide and has been personally trained by world renowned author Joseph Bharat Cornell. Sundara is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. He has spent the last 12 years traveling the world, helping others deepen their love for nature.

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  • May 22 – 24, 2020
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