Does the frontal lobe have the highest activity during meditation?


While doing some research for a class I was going to give, I found some information that confused me a little. It's in relation to what happens with the frontal lobe of the brain while we meditate. According to what I read, it seems that the frontal lobe goes “offline” during meditation, which is contrary from what I understood from the Dr. Van Houten talk during MTT, that is, that the frontal lobe would have the highest activity during meditation rather than not.


Dr. Peter

Dr. Peter
Ananda Village, California

Interpreting these results can be frustrating and confusing since often they are not comparing "apples to apples.” Different kinds of meditation techniques can yield different results; the timing on the imaging can matter as can the technique used, etc. There is good evidence showing frontal lobe activation in our style of meditation practices and the changes in personality and behavior resonate with that.

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