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Autobiography of a Yogi

Kriya Yoga is a comprehensive spiritual path of meditation, yoga and ethical living. The spiritual master Paramhansa Yogananda brought the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga to the West and writes about it in his best-selling book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

The benefits of Kriya Yoga include: experiencing calmness and joy in your life, increased focus and concentration, and the elimination of bad karma.

Kriya Yoga also refers to a specific meditation technique, a pranayama or breathing practice that is part of Yogananda's Path of Kriya Yoga.

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Since 1968, Ananda has taught Kriya Yoga to thousands of people worldwide, from many faiths and spiritual traditions. To prepare to receive Kriya initiation, you learn how to calm the mind and heart, work consciously with life force, develop concentration, and deeply interiorize your awareness. Through classes, both in-person and online, you can learn from qualified Ananda teachers, who share the wisdom and grace of ancient yoga masters.

Devalila Veenhof

Devalila Veenhof, Director of Ananda's Kriya Sangha, can help you take the next step that is right for you. She can be reached at 530-478-7624 or contact the Kriya Sangha.

Devalila has been practicing and sharing Paramhansa Yogananda's teachings for over 20 years. She created and served as Director of Online with Ananda for nearly 10 years. In that role, she developed the Virtual Community, as well as generated and taught many online courses.

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