Easy Ways to Modify Balasana (Child’s Pose) for Knee Problems


I have a new student who has had knee surgery a few years ago, because of an accident. What suggestion is there for the Child's pose? It's an excellent follow up or counter balance after doing the Cobra or Sphinx.


Lisa Powers

Lisa Powers
Ananda Village, California

In Balasana, try having the student come onto their back and with hands behind thighs up by their knees, draw the thighs toward their torso. The knees can bend as much as is comfortable.

The other option is propping Balasana to decrease the amount of flexion in the knee. Place any cushion or blanket underneath the buttocks, on top of the heels. If ankles are uncomfortable place a roll underneath them with the rest of the blanket under the knees if possible. The face can rest on hands, fists, or forearms. If needed, the upper body can lay on a stack of blankets, which are brought in towards the legs, and the head turned to one side.

Patti Milliron
Bishop, California

Balasana can be easier for those people with knee and shoulder challenges by doing the following:

You may want to use a chair. Have the student sit on one chair and lean forward onto the seat of another chair in front of them. They can cross their forearms under their forehead and also use a folded blanket on the chair in front of them for more comfort. They can also do Extended Child's pose by placing hands on the edge of the seat in front of them and pressing back to get more opening in the shoulders, low back and pelvis.

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