The Dancer as a Channel

Led by Avital Miller

The Dancer as a Channel
Using Dance and Movement as a Therapeutic and Healing Tool

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Spend a weekend discovering and uplifting your spirit through movement. Authentic movement can reveal a lot about our present state of mind and emotions. We can tune in more purely to the soul’s true song. Through consciously transforming the way we move, we can shift our energy, channel it to the divine, and come to peace and stillness within ourselves.

Avital dancing at the Crystal Hermitage TeaWith caring support, Avital will guide you into simple movement sequences and then free movement. She will define different forms of movement that relate to various behavior patterns. You will have time to work with a partner and journal in order to reflect on your experience.

Then Avital will offer movement sequences of different styles to give you an opportunity to shift the way you normally move and potentially shift behavior patterns. The next step is to allow dance to help channel our energy inward and upward to the Divine, as we feel the devotion in our hearts. The weekend will also include a spiritual dance performance, and the opportunity to learn some of the movements from the performance. You are welcome to be part of the performance, if you would like.

Dancing into divinityThis video shows you the variety of Avital's dance styles and the choreography she creates with others. It includes an example of her dancing with 4 of the women in her last Dance program.

“There is in each of us a special song to be sung. None of us is more important, or less so, than any other. Our simple duty is to find our unique song deep within us, and to sing it to perfection. That perfection will come only when we have learned to sing our own soul-song to God, offering back to Him the inspiration of His love.”
—Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message

Indian dance with Avital

“I have seen so many dance some of them, their ego and title alone gets into dancing ... So, what is dance...It is an art to draw cosmic energy through mudras / bhavas by creating ripples in the cosmic ocean and pass it to the observer to reap the benefits of Joy and Ecstasy if not bliss...You justified this definition. You are the best in dancing...what a commitment and capacity to perform even in the small space. We are grateful to you.”
—Vijay Mohan, Chennai, India

"This program opened me to a new repertoire of movement as a means of spiritual expression and self-discovery, freed me of some self-limitations, and helped me tap into my inner source of joy, vitality, and freedom."—E.F., Temecula, CA

"This program was very helpful for me. I gained a better understanding of movement and how I can hold my body in "duality," and how to move toward freedom. I really enjoyed the chakra exploration and authentic movement." —J.A., Nevada City, CA

"Absolutely helpful. It brought me closer to joy within my body and love for dance. It brought me some freedom from tension and stress also. Each class was great." —A.L., Nevada City, CA

“Avital, through her dance reminiscent of higher realms, brings a joy to her audience that touches the heart. The grace of human form and movement shine through her smile as well as her steps. A performance not to be missed!”  
—Lila Devi, author and founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, Assisi, Italy

“I felt, for the first time, my own spirit come through in my movement. I felt, for the first time, completely at ease dancing in front of others. So powerful and empowering to discover who I am through movement. I came to learn how to dance with devotion, and gained tools, skills, and experience of this. Avital, thank you for making this fun, deep, challenging, and meaningful, and for showing us how to dance and live with devotion to God."—K.B., Menlo Park, CA

“I listen to Swami Kriyananda’s music and have longed to channel divine energy through movement with his music. Avital delivered much more. We got to notice our own movement style, expand beyond those movement habits, offer all to God, and be in an uplifted, inspiring vibration. What joy!”—J. C., Nevada City, CA 

"...I was also impressed by the choreography – and especially how you were able to create such lovely group dances in such a short amount of time. The creative movements and stage setting really made the dancers look graceful and the whole dance very enjoyable and uplifting. To draw the group together so creatively was impressive!" —A.C., Nevada City, CA


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