Exercise to Help You Relax More Completely
Relaxation facilitates the flow of this subtle energy in our beings, enabling healing to occur.

Radiant Health Tip for April:

The secret of radiant health is RELAXATION.
Both physical and mental tension can hold illness in the body as the tension blocks the free flow of energy and life-force (prana). Relaxation facilitates the flow of this subtle energy in our beings, enabling healing to occur. Try this exercise to help you relax more completely by first tensing the body with a deep inhalation.

  1. Begin by inhaling through the nose with a double breath, while tensing the whole body.
  2. Bring your awareness to the fact that every cell in your body is now filled with fresh prana.
  3. Then throw the breath out forcibly with a double breath through the mouth, while consciously relaxing your body and mind.
  4. FEEL all physical tension leaving your body with the exhalation.
  5. Mentally release all your cares and worries.

Repeat several times, visualizing that you are filling your being with healing energy which pushes out any tension or negative energy.

Studies have shown that one can relax muscles more deeply when they are first tensed and then consciously relaxed.

By making the exhalation longer than the inhalation, you automatically engage the relaxation mode of your nervous system.

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