Simple Exercises at Your Desk to Keep Your Spine Flexible and Strong

Simple Exercises at Your Desk to Keep Your Spine Flexible and Strong

Radiant Health Tip for March:

Do simple exercises at your desk:

  1. Spine Stretches: Cup your hands over your knees; inhale and lengthen spine with chest lifted, exhale and round spine.
  2. Seated Backward Bend: Raise arms above the head, palms together; lift from the heart center into a slight backward bend.
  3. Seated Twist: Put right hand on the left knee, the left hand behind you to grasp the back of the chair. With lifted chest and relaxed shoulders, exhale, and twist gently to the left. Inhale to return, and repeat on opposite side.
  4. Seated Knee Squeeze: Grasp left knee with both hands interlocked, lift knee upward to chest, bend head forward to touch knee; repeat on opposite side.

Remember to breathe naturally throughout – don’t hold your breath!

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