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Many people confuse progress with movement and with outward change.  Thus, the more dust of excitement they can stir up, the more productive they feel they are!  The more they get swept up into a happy mood when things go well, the better, they imagine, things have gone.  And their answer to every slump is to cast about for some other thing to seep them high once more.  Such lives are like cars driven over deeply rutted roads:  Their movement is almost as much up and down as it is forward.

With even-mindedness, progress is a straight, not a jagged, line.  Progress, however, should mean above all progressive understanding.  Even-mindedness bestows clarity of perception, which is the ability to see things as they really are, undistorted by emotional bias.

Affirm regularly: I remain untouched by gain or loss. In the calm mirror of my understanding I behold Thy light reflected.

Prayer: When I rejoice, Lord, let it be with Thee. And when I grieve, help me always to see Thy sunlight through the mists.

Taken from Swami Kriyananda's Book

If you'd like to learn to meditate, visit the ananda.org website and click on Meditation>>Learn to Meditate. http://www.ananda.org/meditation/learn/technique.html

"Even a little practice of meditation will free you from dire fears and colossal sufferings."  -- The Bhagavad Gita

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