The Peace Treaty
by J. Donald Walters.

The Peace Treaty

One showing only! Wed, August 22 at our Beautiful Expanding Light Lotus Lake Outdoor Amphitheater

A Shakespearean comedy/drama with a message both timely and timeless—you will be delighted, inspired, transformed.

The play takes place on a large Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Crystal Island this little-known place is called, a haven of peace and beauty. There are five clans on Crystal Island. Each is noted for some special talent, as are many nations of our world.

Clan Emerald, specializes in dance, Clan Ruby in humor, Clan Topaz in song, Clan Amethyst in philosophy, and finally clan Azure, in poetry. No clan is perfect in itself, for all of these qualities need to be combined for human perfection to be attained. Unfortunately, the clans have not learned this lesson, and many of their members pride themselves, as those in the world we know do, on their own characteristics. Each clan, of course, tends to view itself as the best clan of all. The action takes place at the end of a long war. Some time ago, Clan Azure invaded Clan Topaz. The other three clans allied with Clan Topaz and the invader was defeated.

The plot of the play concerns a proposal, made after the hostilities, to establish a lasting peace. The proposal takes the form of a Peace Treaty. Pride, vengefulness, selfishness, and all the dreary catalogue of human failings intervene to prevent genuine acceptance of this noble proposal.

While some characters find themselves embroiled in a tense and threatening situation, others provide romance, comedy, dance, and music to create a magical evening of theater, with an important message for our own times.

Event Information

What: The Peace Treaty
When: August 22, 2012
Where: Ananda Village Expanding Light
Outdoor Amphitheater
14618 Tyler Foote Road
Nevada City, Ca 95959

4:45 pm light meal begins, cost $10
5:30 pm concession stand opens
6:00 pm Peace Treaty performance

Tickets: Advance $15, at Door $20
Group rates available
For ticket information, dinner reservations and more call:

A magical evening of entertainment
Laughter, music, dance, clever dialogue
An inspiring and uplifting message of hope!

Evenings at Lotus Lake can be cool. Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket.

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