Vegetarian Cooking Online for Health and Vitality

Vegetarian Cooking Online for
Health and Vitality

Online Cooking Show with Diksha, the lady who developed The Expanding Light's much loved recipes.

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Winter Meal #6:
Baked Tofu with Maple Sesame Marinate
Wehani Rice and Sauteed Root Vegetables

An online vegetarian cooking class.

At The Expanding Light Retreat we offer our guests the healthiest, most delicious vegetarian meals possible. In our online vegetarian cooking class we continue this tradition by sharing new and complete, easy-to-prepare meals with you -- each one divinely inspired, nutritionally balanced, and naturally low in fat and sugar.

You will love this vegetarian cooking class whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore!!.

Be inspired - be healthy!

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  • Change the way you think about food and how you prepare it
  • Learn how to cook nutritious and satisfying vegetarian meals in the comfort of your own home - when it's convenient
  • Find out how easy and fast it can be to make fulfilling meals of fresh, natural ingredients
  • Discover how cooking and serving healthy food to family and guests is a high form of spiritual service
  • See how a positive attitude while cooking and a beautiful presentation are spiritually uplifting and nurturing
  • Timesaving ways to create uplifting and delicious vegetarian meals
  • Bring an international flair to your everyday cuisine

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Included in a Seasonal Subscription you will receive:

3-month access to everything listed below

You can access any portion of the vegetarian cooking class any time you wish, and revisit as often as you like. Choose when it is convenient for you!
Menus, recipes and specials are added monthly.

48 short Cooking Basics videos [2-8 minute average length] including:

  • Cooking Grains gluten and gluten free
  • Cooking Beans, Peas, and Lentils
  • Cooking Vegetables
  • Cooking Tofu and Tempeh
  • Simple Flavorings, Sauces, and Dressings
  • Use of Knives in Cutting Vegetables

These videos demonstrate:

  • Using a pressure cooker to cut cooking time in half !
  • Using spices and condiments to enliven natural flavors
  • Cooking less-known protein-rich grains such as quinoa
    and amaranth

And much more


8 Complete Meal Videos Each Season

  • Average video is 20 minutes for one complete meal
  • Easy to print recipes with step-by-step instruction

4 Special Videos Each Season

  • Holiday meals, and other specials [pizza, smoothies, gluten-free desserts, and more]

22 Basic Recipes - examples:

  • Garbanzo Marinade
  • Mung Bean Soup
  • Herbed Tofu

6 Introductory Articles - including:

  • Types of Grains and Cooking Technique!
  • Types of Vegetables and Cooking Techniques
  • Tofu and Tempeh and Cooking Techniques

Your Vegetarian Kitchen - Videos and Articles - including:

  • Introduction to a Vegetarian Diet
  • Setting up your Kitchen
  • Prayers Before Eating

A downloadable resource library of helpful articles by our retreat chefs. Examples of what is available include:

  • Eating Meat versus Vegetarianism
  • Yogic Attitude Towards Diet (inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda) Spiritualize your meals through prayer and affirmation
  • Properly Combining Foods

Each Four Season's Meals & Specials

  • Fall Meals includes special Thanksgiving and Christmas menus, and Teas
  • Winter Meals includes special Indian menu, and Yeast Breads, Quick Breads
  • Spring Meals includes special Easter menu, and Gluten Free Desserts, Sprouts and Pizza
  • Summer Meals includes special 4th of July menu, and Summer Salads, Smoothies, Summer Drinks

Included in your Full-Year Subscription you will receive:

12-month access to everything - for All Four Seasons and more!

  • 47 short Cooking Basics videos
  • 22 Basic Recipes
  • 6 Introductory Articles
  • Your Vegetarian Kitchen


Four Season's Meals & Specials

  • Videos of 32 complete meals
  • 16 specials
    And still more


For a Full-Year Subscription a great price of $65

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Get Diksha's companion book The Healing Kitchen at the Ananda Boutique.

Be Inspired, Be Healthy!

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Online Learning

Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Vitality includes many free cooking related articles and special promotions. You will be able to subscribe by the season or for a full year.

" I am loving this course.  Not only am I learning something new with every session, I find it fun and relaxing to watch Diksha whip up another beautiful meal every time. Sometimes I watch with no intention of cooking anything at that moment but to be inspired ."
- Lynn

See this Free Webinar with Diksha
Introduction to Yogic Diet and
proper eating - Oct. 27,2011

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Diksha's introduction to her Online Cooking Course

Split Mung Soup with Herbs Video Split Mung Soup with Herbs

Making a Digestive Tea Video Making a Digestive Tea

smoothie girls
pressure cooker
Thanksgiving Meal

Vegetarian Recipe Collection

Global Kitchen
Create Healthy, Flavorful Meals with an International Flair


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