Trimurti Motyka

Spiritual Director of the Ananda Ashram Karma Yoga Program

Nayaswami Trimurti is a Minister, the Director of the Karma Yoga Program at the Expanding Light and Co-Director of Ananda's Residency Training Program. Trimurti is ideally suited to lead a program in Karma Yoga (which means finding divine union through selfless action). By nature, he is an energetic, multi-talented, and generous person who delights in serving others.

His life path has taken him through many twist and turns and he has worked in a diverse array of fields. Trimurti served in Vietnam in 1968 – 69. On his return, he traveled and worked as a machinist, carpenter and a farmer, looking for a way to serve that was meaningful to him. In 1978 he moved to Ananda and was one of the pioneers who lived at Ananda's Ocean Song community. Soon thereafter, he ran Ananda's Auto Shop. In 1987 Trimurti was made an Ananda Minister, and served with the Ananda membership program and, later, the Ananda Center in Sacramento. Now, in addition to his work at The Expanding Light, he and his wife direct Ananda's Residency Training Program, which helps integrate new members into Ananda Village.

Beloved by the Karma Yogis, Trimurti assists people in learning how to perform seva (selfless service) and surrender attachment to the fruits of their work. He has shaped the Karma Yoga program in such a way that participants receive daily inspiration and guidance along the spiritual path, and learn how to bring that inspiration into their work a skill that can transform their lives.

trimurti introduces the karma yoga ashram -video

Trimurti says:

“Coordinating the Karma Yoga program is a joyful and inspiring experience for me. I see in each soul that comes to our program a longing for spiritual experience and understanding that is very apparent. As they immerse themselves in this ashram lifestyle, they begin to FEEL their own divinity and discover, as Yogananda says, simple living and high thinking lead to the greatest happiness.”

From a Karma Yogi:

“Trimurti is the embodiment of Karma Yoga. He is one of the most selfless, thoughtful and balanced people I have ever met. Serving in the Karma Yoga program under Trimurti's direction has been a tremendous growing experience. I have learned how to stay joyful and centered and release any attachment to the outcome of my work ” – Ben Stuart, Santa Barbara, CA

"You truly are a shepherd of this family. You radiate the qualities of God just in how you BE in the world. Of all the people I've met here, your example is one of the most inspiring of what a life filled with the Divine looks and feels like." – Jeremy


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