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Nayaswami Sahaja

Nayaswami Sahaja

Ananda Minister and Counselor, Hatha Yoga Teacher
What is a nayaswami?

Sahaja is a minister and yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga postures and meditation since 1975. Loving the sense of calm the practices brought her, in 1991 she joined Ananda's community in Palo Alto and began practicing with greater depth and regularity. She soon found that her entire disposition and outlook were changing. Earlier in her life, Sahaja had been a high-strung young woman suffering with migraines. Once she started meditating daily, she no longer had migraines. With time, she became more relaxed and found that she could respond well to difficult situations rather than reacting inappropriately.

After seeing the powerful effect yoga had on her own life, Sahaja became an Ananda Yoga® Teacher in 1998 and began teaching at The Expanding Light and throughout the West Coast. In 2005 she was certified to work with cardiac and cancer patients. In addition to The Expanding Light, she has taught at Sierra Nevada Hospital's Wellness Center, with seniors, heart patients, and hospital employees. Sahaja loves sharing yoga and meditation with others because she has experienced their transformational results firsthand. Her bright, upbeat energy and the calm, dynamic joy she brings to her classes are a testament to the effectiveness of yoga.

Sahaja says:

“The wonderful thing about yoga and meditation is that almost anyone can benefit from the practice yoga can be modified for just about any limitation. I love helping people find what works for them so that they can find that calm and peaceful place that lives at the heart of all of us.”

From one of her students:

“Sahaja was wonderful – very instructive but in a non-threatening, gentle manner. I liked the pace of the classes; I was challenged – in a good way – both physically and mentally.”

– Reggie Ottem, La Mesa, CA


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