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Nayaswami Nityananda

Nayaswami Nityananda

Director of The Expanding Light Retreat

One of Nityananda's favorite activities is writing and preparing eNotes, which is distributed to everyone who has visited the Retreat, and to others who have subscribed.  He has done this each month since he moved into this role early in 2009.  He loves hearing from people who have read his letters and have comments to share. Nityananda lovingly supports the extensive staff of great souls serving at The Expanding Light.  He brings a ministerial attitude to his service to all.

Nityananda began meditating in 1975.  The path of Kriya Yoga originally inspired Nityananda through Swami Kriyananda's book Hindu Way of Awakening.  He became a Kriyaban and moved to Ananda Village with his wife Lalaan in 2007.  He became an Ananda Minister in 2015.

Nityananda says:

"It is such a joy to see our guests during their stays here.  The faces of so many lighten up appreciably - even over a weekend.  It still amazes me how quickly it happens."

One of the quotes from Hindu Way of Awakening Nityananda enjoys is this:  "We attract to ourselves whatever aspect of the Divine we worship. The choice is forever ours. If we enter the clear river flowing majestically to the sea of cosmic consciousness, we find ourselves carried along with increasing ease. At no point do we need to do all the work of swimming ourselves. Ultimately, the current carries us to oneness with Infinite Bliss."

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