Rice with Red Bell Peppers Recipe
Creative, elegant-yet-simple rice dish.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes
Baking time: 5-10 minutes
Preheat oven to: 350°


Serves: 6
All Year

Bring to a boil:
    4 cups water

    2 cups white basmati rice (rinsed 3 times)

Simmer until all water is absorbed and rice is cooked (approximately 10–15 minutes). Set aside.

Sauté for 3–5 minutes:
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    6 green onions, minced
    1/4 cup pine nuts
    1/2 red bell pepper, cubed

Mix sautéed vegetables with cooked rice, adding salt and black pepper to taste. Ladle rice into oiled baking tray, so rice is arranged in small mounds. Bake at 350° for 5–10 minutes. Garnish with parsley.  Allow to cool.

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