Emotional Freedom Technique Find inner peace and happiness with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Pushpa (Kathleen) Rainbow

Pushpa (Kathleen) Rainbow

Cast off limitations, release old pain, become the person you’ve dreamed of being! Free yourself of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues through EFT combined with intuitive counseling.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is the most amazing healing technique I have ever come across, and I have been practicing healing for over 25 years. I have seen remarkable results in mental and emotional issues. I have had a number of clients tell me that in one session they have come to a sense of resolution that they have not achieved in months and months of therapy.

EFT is also very effective for the release of body trauma, and the fast regaining of range of motion in frozen and damaged limbs. Many clients have reported improvement equalling up to 3 - 6 months of physical therapy.

What is EFT?

EFT is a simple tapping procedure using the acupuncture meridians of Chinese Medicine to gently realign the body’s energy system, without needles.

Emotional Freedom Technique approaches healing through the premise that unresolved emotional issues are probably the cause of physical disease, psychological issues, and limiting beliefs - all leading to unhappiness and suffering. EFT quickly realigns the energy channels/meridians releasing negative memories, and usually the related physical symptoms.

What can it do?

This technique can help you resolve all kinds of negative emotions, such as grief, anger, fear, hate, sadness and a host of others. It can help eliminate allergies to food and chemicals. It can help you conquer addictions. It can also help bring relief from a host of illnesses and pains.

Phone Consultations Also Available

EFT works effectively in person or over the phone. Email or call 530-478-7703 to set up a session.

Read clinical research on EFT and other tapping techniques:


What Others are Saying About Pushpa's Healing Work

Pushpa, the session I had with you truly changed my life. I was ready for the truth and you gave it to me with laser focus. My back feels so much better. My shoulders are more lifted and unburdened. My life going forward will be forever changed after meeting with you. I now understand my karma and how to move forward on my journey. Many thanks and blessings. M.H., Newport Beach, CA

I arrived 3 days ago with a broken heart. I was embraced by the gentle but strong essence of Pushpa! My first EFT and yogic counseling was an amazing shift in consciousness. Pushpa gave me a divine mother’s ear, beautiful insights and quotes that healed more in one session than I received in the last year. I have been stunned by the shift in the last 3 days. Pushpa is a profound healer. —Kierstan H.

Pushpa ia a gifted practitioner. She has an intuitive ability to get to the true, deep psychological issues. Pushpa has treated me using acupressure and EFT (emotional freedom technique). The mind/body connection is finally becoming accepted in mainstream medicine.
As a medical doctor, I was amazed at the powerful effects of EFT. If Pushpa lived in my town, I would be referring so many of my patients to see her.

—Vicki S., M.D.

I saw Pushpa to see if some EFT work centered on integrating the left and right sides of my brain would help in my work. Pushpa is a great listener and took a good deal of time in our session to ask questions and come to a full understanding of my issues and goals. Then, she took me through the techniques, and I felt my anxiety about my issues dissipate to the point where, when I left, I found myself wondering if the problem was ever a big deal to begin with (I guess it worked!). Before I left, she patiently ran down a list of the things we had done while I wrote them down, and even gave me some great online resources.
Pushpa is a gifted healer, and if you’ve ever met someone like this, you know that they can easily master and heal in myriad modalities. She has extensive education and experience in a number of therapies, so EFT is just one of the many ways she can help. She tunes into the feelings and mindset of her clients very keenly, while still making them feel totally comfortable. Pushpa puts you at ease in such a way that you can have a healing and learning experience at the same time; whatever kind of session I have with her, I retain the knowledge well and am able to take it with me back into everyday life. She wants you to be able to recreate for yourself the great feeling that you have when you leave a session with her, which is an incredibly selfless, generous thing. I can’t recommend Pushpa’s services highly enough.
—M. Latimer, San Francisco, CA

My session with Pushpa allowed emotional release from past trauma I have experienced. Pushpa’s intuitive nature and innate wisdom as a healer brought out what needed to be resolved for me. This was, by far, one of the most important things I could have done during my stay at The Expanding Light. I highly recommend it for anyone needing emotional, physical, or spiritual healing. I felt truly uplifted when I left. —Mara T., Santa Cruz, CA

My EFT session had incredible results! My pain and range of motion was a highly charged 10+ after Pushpa identified the emotional issue behind it. In less than 20 minutes my pain and R.O.M. was a 1. It was hard to believe, but I was ready to let go of the emotional pain and limitations of the injury and EFT made it happen quickly. My injury is not gone, but I made amazing progress in 20 minutes. I can’t wait for my occupational therapist to see me! —Alison, Placerville, CA

Pushpa was just fabulous. She intuitively picked up the issues I needed to deal with and walked me though them using EFT. I was really amazed that the process was so effective. She provided me information on EFT tapping points and energy balancing to take home. The next time I’m stressed I will put these tools to work
—Theresa G., CA

Working with Pushpa is truly amazing. I lost my daughter this past summer and when thinking about certain things I found myself in the midst of tremendous sadness and grief. While working with Pushpa she took me from tears and sadness to having no charge around previously painful issues. Now I can remember with joy my daughter’s life. It was miraculous. —Carolyn, Nevada City. CA

Pushpa is a gentle and effective healer. She is able to use her intuitive skills to get to the source of the issue, and then deliver the right healing with immediate results. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs any level of healing and guidance. —C.K, Author, Mountain View, California

Thank you for helping to unlock a long-time pain and replacing it with loving energy. —Diane M., Orangevale, CA

Thanks for your insight and intuition. —Lynn B., San Diego, CA

Pushpa has a wonderful gift. Her energy, presence, and sense of touch provide a conducive atmosphere for total healing. —Amy W., Burlingame, CA

About Pushpa (Kathleen) Rainbow

Pushpa has been a meditator since 1985, and has been practicing healing work and massage since 1987. She has studied many forms of bodywork and healing techniques over the years. She uses her intuitive skills and prayer healing in her massage and her Emotional Freedom Technique sessions.She uses her own essential oil blends, and also uses energetic essences in some healing sessions. She also teaches brain integration exercises for mental, emotional, and physical balance.

She is a certified massage therapist, certified Careers for Heart and Spirit coach, EFT Adv. practitioner, certified Ananda Yoga® Teacher, and a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher. Pushpa is an Ananda minister and a resident of Ananda Village.

The Center for Radiant Health is an independent entity from The Expanding Light Retreat.

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