Satyana Hall

Ananda Yoga®Teacher Trainer, Program Assistant – Ananda Yoga®Therapy Training

Satyana brings lighthearted joy and energy to her teaching of yoga and meditation. She is loving, caring, and accepting, and enjoys helping people discover their highest potential, whether that be in body, mind, or spirit.

Satyana has taught Ananda Yoga and Meditation since 2004. She is also a certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Massage Practitioner, Reiki Healer, and Postural Alignment Coach. She has over 20,000 hours and 29 years of teaching experience in Palo Alto/Menlo Park, Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, and Ananda Village.

She has served in gyms, spas, studios, a chiropractic clinic, and a physical therapy clinic, and enjoys training people of all levels—from beginners to competitive athletes, as well as people rehabilitating injuries and back pain. She is thrilled now to be serving at The Expanding Light Retreat on staff for Yoga Teacher Training, and the Yoga Therapy Program. She considers it a blessing to pass on the extensive education she has received.

Programs scheduled for Satyana Hall:



22 – Nov 19 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training ceu credits



25 – Apr 22 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training ceu credits


8 – Aug 5 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training ceu credits


21 – Nov 18 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training ceu credits