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Nayaswami Lalaan

Nayaswami Lalaan

Spiritual Travel Host

Nayaswami Lalaan is an experienced pilgrim having been on solo or group journeys in England, Italy, Ireland, and Spain, over the last 10 years. Pilgrimage is a major source for her spiritual inspiration and personal growth. Being a friend to others on the pilgrims way is her most joyful service, one she hopes to keep doing as she ages. Lalaan has also enjoyed being on the Ananda Spiritual Travels Hawaii vacations, including being the Chef for the 2014 program. Spending time on pilgrimage with experienced Ananda travel hosts has allowed her to see the very special ways to support and inspire guests during their inward and outward journey. Lalaan is very good friends with Sitabai Betts who will lead the Camino Pilgrimage, and she is looking forward to guiding the group when in Madrid and Avila at the beginning of this pilgrimage.

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