Sitabai Betts

Sitabai Betts

Spiritual Travel Host, Ananda Minister, works with Ananda’s Village Management

Sitabai is a long-term minister and member of Ananda Village since the early 1980’s. She and her husband, Balarama, have raised their four sons at the Village. Together they have taught their sons, as well as many more children and families, the joys of walking and hiking in nature, especially each year in our own Sierra Nevada Mountains in Yosemite National Park.

Sitabai has an infectious enthusiasm towards the outdoors and joyfully shares her extensive knowledge with others. She has decades of experience in walking and hiking in nature, including hiking in the Himalayas in India, the Alps in Europe, the fjords of Iceland, jungles of Hawaii, and many locations along the USA West Coast – especially our own beautiful Sierra Mountains in Yosemite National Park. Sitabai has walked the Camino de Santiago, in Spain three times.

Besides the joys of walking and hiking Sitabai has a lot of experience working with people in her job role in Ananda Village Management. People find Sitabai calm, supportive, understanding, and knowledgeable. She is always ready to put people-needs first and creatively solve any challenges that arise.

From Sitabai:
I love the outdoors! Experiencing the joy of the Divine in every atom, every being, every moment, every breath! As Yogananda said, ‘God smiles in the flowers.’ I so enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, that we may come closer to the true Creator behind all Creation.

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