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Spiritual Travel Host and Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher

Nandadevi Traymar has been a long-term practitioner and teacher of both Hatha Yoga and meditation in her home country, Argentina. She has served at the Expanding Light Retreat in California for nearly two years working with people of all ages and walks of life in the Karma Yoga Program, supporting them in their efforts to strengthen their spiritual lives. Nandadevi is a native Spanish-speaker who has enjoyed taking walking pilgrimage in Argentina.

Besides having a background in yoga, Nandadevi also has a lot of experience in Catholicism and the teachings of Christ from her youth. In Luján, Argentina, she was taken on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Mother Mary, walking 37 miles in 24 hours. This pilgrimage particularly provided her lasting memories of divine inspiration as well as an eagerness to share pilgrimage experiences with others. Nandadevi is a delightful and supportive leader on The Expanding Light Pilgrimage staff. Nandadevi is married to Sundara, director of Sharing Nature Worldwide, founded by Joseph Bharat Cornell. She has assisted her husband in many nature programs, and they live together at Ananda Village.

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