Yogananda’s City of Angels:
Visiting the holy shrines of Sri Yogananda in Los Angeles + Encinitas

  • Jul 3 – 12, 2022

Leader: Nayaswami Krishnadas

"Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you.
The future will take care of itself..."
– Paramhansa Yogananda

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Join us for a profound pilgrimage immersed in the holiness of the sacred places where Paramhansa Yogananda lived, wrote, and blessed the world with his love for God. Yogananda's life's work was the sharing of the spiritual science of Kriya Yoga, a technique of meditation whereby any person may attain direct personal experience of God. During this rare, guided pilgrimage guests can be in conscious communion with Yogananda’s powerful, spiritual energy – His vibration still permeates the many places you will visit.

Yoagananda City of Angels Pilgrimage

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Spiritual Qualities of this pilgrimage:

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Yogananda expounded the teachings of Bhagavan Krishna, the Christ of India, and of Lord Jesus, the Christ of the West, as in essence One. The teachings of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and his own guru Swami Sri Yukteswar infuse Yogananda's homes, gardens, and resting place with the vibration of

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All that God is, and has, is our divine birthright. On this pilgrimage, we can free that image of God within us that yearns to guide and support our true understanding of life: boundless joy, immeasurable divine love and wisdom, eternal life.

Temple rooftop


One of the most greatest benefits of traveling on a pilgrimage with Ananda Spiritual Travels is that our hosts always wrap their aura around the group infusing the journey with the energy of Divine friendship, allowing guests to dive deep together, in harmony, in inner exploration together.

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Pilgrimage Overview

Day 1, Sunday, July 3: Arrival at Ananda Village and Evening Orientation

For those who will have attended our Spiritual Renewal Week this will be a transition day. Some pilgrims will arrive in late afternoon to check-in. Our pilgrimage begins with an orientation at the Expanding Light Retreat after dinner. We will gather in the Temple of Light where we will chant and meditate briefly to ceremoniously embark on our pilgrimage. After a short orientation, we will retire in anticipation of the wonderful days to come.

Day 2, Monday, July 4: Fourth of July Celebration at Ananda Village

Morning meditation and breakfast.

Today we will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the founding of Ananda Village, and the 245th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. A joyful day with the community, time to relax and get to know fellow pilgrims. Holiday lunch at Village Green, light supper, and evening program TBA.

Day 3, Tuesday, July 5: Travel day to Los Angeles

Morning meditation. After breakfast, we will depart Ananda Village and travel to Los Angeles, and settle into our nice hotel. Enjoy dinner together with a leisurely walk afterwards.

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Day 4, Wednesday, July 6 Lake Shrine, Mt. Washington + Hollywood Temple, with optional evening visit to the Biltmore Hotel

Our first pilgrimage spot will be Lake Shrine. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, a natural spring-fed lake is home to a variety of swans, ducks, koi, trees, and flowers from around the world. Paramhansa Yogananda dedicated this 10-acre spiritual sanctuary in 1950. His spirit powerfully permeates these magnificent grounds.

Lake Shrine also includes a Court of Religions honoring the five principal religions of the world; the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial where a portion of Gandhi's ashes is enshrined; a museum with exhibits on Paramhansa Yogananda's work; a temple on a hilltop overlooking the lake; and a gift shop with arts and crafts from India. We’ll have time to walk around, meditate and enjoy the scenic, serene beauty.

Day 5, Thursday, July 7: Paramhansa Yogananda's Crypt at Forest Lawn and Visit to Mt. Washington

This morning we will spend time at Forest Lawn Mortuary in Glendale where Paramhansa Yogananda's body resides in the apt name “Sanctuary of Golden Slumber”. We will chant and meditate in this sacred crypt. The Master’s presence and energy makes this a powerful place to feel His vibration.

About magnificent Mt. Washington

We will visit the worldwide headquarters of Self Realization Fellowship. Receive darshan in the Master's bedroom, one of the essential pilgrimage spots of this trip. Meditate in the “Temple of Leaves” where Yogananda would often sit in Samadhi and Sister Gyanamata's “Wishing Well”. Tour the beautiful grounds and exquisite gardens that include the spineless cactus, gifted to Master by Luther Burbank, who He referred to as an “American saint.”

In early evening, we'll gather at the Ananda Los Angeles Center for an informal and fun Satsang with Center leaders Nayaswami Narayan and Nayaswami Dharmadevi. We’ll enjoy a Kirtan with members of Ananda L.A. followed by a delicious Thai dinner.

Day 6, Friday, July 8: Encinitas, CA.

Our time in Encinitas will be at a more relaxed pace, with more time to meditate, enjoy Kirtan and chanting. Walks on the beach will allow us to absorb and assimilate all that has gone before on this pilgrimage, perhaps in our lives. This morning we will depart for the beautiful seaside town of Encinitas, CA. it is about a 3-hour drive. Check into our hotel, and then visit with Casey Hughes at Ananda Encinitas Temple of Joy. Time to walk on the beach. Dinner out. The Temple of Joy, home and grounds are filled with exquisite architecture, statuary and is a veritable spiritual oasis. A great blessing to be our base while in Encinitas.

Day 7, Saturday, July 9: Encinitas Hermitage [SRF Meditation Gardens], and Swami's Beach

You are in for a rare and wonderful treat this morning. Encinitas Hermitage, where Paramhansa Yogananda wrote his Autobiography of a Yogi, has beautifully landscaped gardens, rich in history and is deeply permeated with Paramhansa Yogananda's vibration. We will meditate on the lovely grounds and if open, will visit the Master's hallowed rooms.

Lunch will be at the local and very popular Swami's Café. Afternoon activities will include optional revisiting the Meditation gardens or “Moonlight Beach walk”, exploring the charming town of Encinitas, and browsing the Encinitas Books & Gifts Shop. In the evening, we will convene at the Ananda Encinitas Temple of Joy for evening meditation. Dinner out.

Day 8, Sunday, July 10: SRF Meditation Gardens and more time at Ananda Encinitas

Morning Energization Exercises and meditation. Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit the lovely SRF (Self Realization Fellowship) Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, have lunch out, and return to the gardens for more time to meditate or stroll on the iconic Swami's Beach, where Yogananda and His most advanced disciple Rajarsi Janakananda would often walk hand-in-hand together in Samadhi. An evening sadhana at the Ananda Encinitas Temple of Joy then dinner out.

Day 9, Monday, July 11:

Today we start to relax our energies and rest in the joys of our pilgrimage with time at the ocean, lunch at Lotus Café, some shopping, and evening Sadhana at Ananda Encinitas.

We will close the day with a special Satsang to share and bless one another.

Day 10, Tuesday, July 12: Go With Love

Meditate on your own at the time needed. Take breakfast at the hotel, and checkout. Some transportation will be provided to the SAN DIEGO AIRPORT. Those taking very early, or late flights, may need to take a taxi on their own or carpool with others.

Key Features:

  • Visit more than seven holy locations where Paramhansa Yogananda lived, taught, and wrote his Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Meditate at the crypt of Paramhansa Yogananda' at Forest Lawn
  • Be supported by a travel host who has visited these sites many times and is able to assure guests of the very deepest experience
  • Meditate in the Temple of Trees where Yogananda would often sit in Samadhi
  • Enjoy casual time with fellow truth seekers, enjoying walks in gardens and at beaches
  • Plenty of time for meditation and self-reflection

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Photo Gallery

Forest Lawn Yogananda crypt
Forest-Lawn Yogananda crypt group meditation
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Yogananda-Encinitas-Hermitage Swami beach
Yogananda Lake Golden Lotus gate
Yogananda Lake Shrine Court of Religion
Yogananda Lake-Shrine quote
Yogananda meditating at beach
Yogananda Hollywood Church

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About Pilgrimage Host:

Krishna Das

Nayaswami Krishnadas

Nayaswami Krishnadas is spiritual travel host for our India and Spain Pilgrimages, the Yogananda Pilgrimage in California, and the Ananda Village Pilgrimage. He is longtime teacher and Ananda Minister, and has helped establish Ananda communities in Seattle, Portland, Dallas, and Los Angeles. In addition to leading four spiritual pilgrimages, Krishna Das is Manager of Guest Groups at The Expanding Light Retreat, and joyfully directs the Ananda Sevaka Program.

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