A Camino Spiritual Pilgrimage
A Path to Self-Discovery and Joy

  • Sep 19 – Oct 9, 2021

with Sitabai and Nandadevi

Camino Pilgrimage Leaders



Spiritual Travel Host, Ananda Minister, works with Ananda’s Village Management

Sitabai has decades of experience as a walker and hiker in the California Sierra Mountains leading children and families and has three times completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.  She did an amazing job planning and co-leading our first highly successful Camino Plus Pilgrimage in 2019.



Spiritual Travel Host and Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher

Nandadevi Traymar has been a long-term practitioner and teacher of both Hatha Yoga and meditation in her home country, Argentina. She has served at The Expanding Light Retreat in California for nearly two years working with people of all ages and walks of life in the Karma Yoga Program, supporting them in their efforts to strengthen their spiritual lives. Nandadevi is a native Spanish-speaker who has enjoyed taking walking pilgrimage in Argentina.

Sitabai Betts

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