The Art of Spiritual Awakening
Learning to Cooperate with Divine Grace

  • Sep 6 – 8, 2024

with Jitendra Guindon and Nayaswami Krishnadas

“There are many stones lying about on the ground, but very few of them are diamonds. Spiritual truths, similarly, are not easy to find amid the confusion of human opinions. Divine grace is like the most precious of those rare diamonds...”  ~Paramhansa Yogananda

What is Your Role in Unlocking Divine Potential Within You? 

There’s an inner call built into every soul, which constantly pushes you to experience new realities, to expand your awareness and embrace a larger reality. You only have to learn how to access it. 

Grace is God’s Power 
It's Divine grace that has the power to awaken and deepen you spiritually. It's available to all. Working in harmony with the divine flow opens you to receiving your inner power. It naturally then shapes your life to express your highest aspirations..

It’s Never Too Late to Redefine Yourself
You have the potential to become a true being of light and joy, and to live a perfectly integrated life. Learn how to maximize your spiritual efforts to create a joyful adventure into the lands of inner freedom

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In this retreat learn about and explore:

  • Developing Magnetism and Will Power to Achieve Your Goals
  • Increasing Receptivity of Your Heart
  • Defining Your True Purpose and Expressing Your Contribution to the World
  • Cultivating and Deepening Your Personal Relationship with the Divine
  • Unveiling the Hidden Power of Prayer and Meditation for Drawing Divine Support

Divine there to be found by all who will seek it diligently, but in order to find it one must do more than glance through a few books, or attend a few lectures. Grace cannot be found where people merely believe it to be. It must be sought in the right way, in the right place, and in the right spirit.

“The right spirit is an attitude of unconditional love for God. The right place is within yourself. The right way is in the silence of deep meditation.

“To find God, you must attune yourself to His ways.”

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Comments from Participants

This weekend was the breath of fresh air that I have been craving. The instructors were both so inspiring and encouraging, and I’m now feeling like I’ve got the strength and determination and the tools to get back onto my spiritual path. I hope to see additional workshops with Jitendra and Dhyan. They are both truly inspirational beings and it has been an absolute joy to spend the weekend with them. Thank you!!  — Aimee L. South Lake Tahoe, CA

The program was nicely structured. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s really helpful to someone who would just start their yogic journey. I would like the program to be a full day on Sunday also. I will use the techniques I learned here and I would recommend this program to others.  —Ajay A., Oakland, CA

I had an excellent stay at the program. I definitely gained deeper insights into myself–my aspirations and my potential, and how to deal with my challenges–both in the sessions and through further discussion with the teachers. — A. S., Cupertino, CA

This is my second time here and it felt like coming home. I love to be in the energy of this place and of like-minded people. Much needed connection to the divine!  — Berit K.-B., Sonora, CA

An exceptional weekend. Rich and full in spiritual tools and knowledge. Jitendra and Dhyan provided guidance that will enhance my daily practice. Highly recommend this enriching program. Thank you!  — Betty L., Citrus Heights, CA

Following a period of depression, I had fallen out of practice with meditation, yoga and spirituality in general. This weekend was exactly what I needed to reconnect with God and feel the healing power of prayer and Spirit once again in my life. Thank you! —M. C., Norfolk, VA

both teachers are truy instruments for the Divine. While they are indeed knowledgeable, you can tell they are not so much drawing on their intellect, as they are opening themselves as channels for Master’s guidance and wisdom. In doing so, they are also cheerful, peaceful, kind, open, and deeply devoted to the well-being of their students, who feel drawn to open their hearts more and more also. —Janine S., Denver, CO

This weekend was an extraordinary opportunity to deepen my relationship with the Divine. It was uplifting and joyous, but also gave practical lessons we can continue to call on as we progress. The teachers are sublime!  —Patricia M., Hayfork, CA

It was truly a blessing to be in the presence of such dedicated, inspirational and loving souls as our teachers were. They connected so deeply with our cohort of attendees, who were also of such caliber and so full of love and openness.  —S.S., Cupertino, CA

Learn to have personal breakthroughs at will, to practice "getting better at getting better," and to cultivate a truly sustainable spirituality. Rise into the clarity, focus, and authenticity of your soul's longer evolutionary rhythms.

“Success is meeting every challenge from your calm center within. Seek strength and guidance intuitively in your inner self.”  —Swami Kriyananda

An Important Aspect of Your Experience

Your program takes place in a beautiful environment, close to nature, on sacred land dedicated to meditation and spiritual activities for over 50 years. We encourage you to slow down and enjoy yourself. The food here is delicious and healthy, the people are happy, the surroundings are pristine. Take time to unplug, get back to nature, and immerse yourself in the spiritual rejuvenation you deserve and long for. Return home energized, uplifted, and ready for whatever life brings your way.

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Jitendra Guindon

Jitendra Guindon

 Ananda Yoga® Instructor.  Ananda Meditation Instructor.

Jitendra Guindon is a certified Ananda Yoga® teacher with Yoga Alliance. He is also a certified and experienced Ananda Meditation teacher. 

Jitendra Guidon, Director of Online with Ananda’s Online Outreach ministry, is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda living at Ananda Village in Northern California. While serving with Ananda, he enjoys spreading the ancient teachings of Yoga to all truth seekers around the world and look forward to connecting with new friends from different backgrounds and affiliations.

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Nayaswami Krishnadas

Nayaswami Krishnadas

Spiritual Travel Host, Meditation Teacher, Manager of Guest Groups, Ananda Minister and Counselor
What is a nayaswami?

An exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted meditation teacher, Nayaswami Krishnadas shares his passion for meditation with dynamic enthusiasm. Over the last three decades he has taught thousands of people, from all over the world, how to meditate.

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  • Sep 6 – 8, 2024
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