Grandparents and Parents: Share Nature with Children

Aug 4 – 6, 2017

The Sharing Nature approach requires no special knowledge—grandparent (or parent) and child are equal explorers. Fun and captivating games help you feel a deeper bond with nature, and each other.

Children and grandparent playing Sharing Nature games

In a field of flowers, the beauty of a butterfly touches the heart of every growing child. A child’s best qualities can blossom when they are surrounded by nature. Guided nature experiences have been found to be very effective at healing many of the challenges children face today.

You will learn:

  • How to capture the imagination of children unused to being outdoors—children hooked on TV or electronics
  • Simple, fun games to play with one child or small group—of various ages
  • A 4-step process that awakens enthusiasm for learning about nature, focuses one’s attention, offers deep personal experiences of nature, and promotes sharing
  • Learn how to enrich your child’s natural curiosity, empathy, and other important human qualities
  • Techniques to foster in your child a love for the earth

This weekend is based on the world-renowned nature principles of Joseph Cornell, as found in his book Sharing Nature: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages. Your weekend will be led by Greg Sundara Traymar, the director of Sharing Nature Worldwide, who has led training seminars all over the globe.

Children and grandparent playing Sharing Nature games


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Sundara Traymar

Sundara Traymar

Director of Sharing Nature USA

Years ago, during an Outward Bound trip in Utah’s Desolation Canyon, Greg Sundara Traymar was resting comfortably on the sandy banks of the Green River, enjoying the magnificent canyon scenery, when he was overtaken by a profound peace and calmness. From this life-changing experience, he realized that his life’s work would be helping others find the same inner renewal and love for nature.

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  • Aug 4 – 6, 2017
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