The Transformative Power of Prayer

  • Aug 9 – 11, 2024

with Sanjan Thelen

“After I am gone,” Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Read my Whispers from Eternity. Eternally through it I will talk to you.”

Experience the Transformative and Tangible Power of Prayer

Whisper from Eternity

Whispers From Eternity is not merely a book of prayers, it is a profound textbook on how to pray, as well as a guide to thriving spiritually. Paramhansa Yogananda addresses the eternal mystery of why God answers some prayers and seemingly ignores others. Through this book of prayer demands he shows how to scientifically, step by step, cultivate a Divine romance within and all around you, change your entire being, and even your environment. You will learn to cultivate attitudes of coping spiritually with every test and situation in in your life.

Paramhansa Yogananda gives step-by-step, scientific, instructions on how to pray so that God will answer.

- Discover the right mindset to begin prayer

- Practice seeing and feeling your prayers coming to life, inwardly

- Experience, in group, the journey from the poetic words of prayers to the visual imagery of the prayer, to the tangible feeling of the prayer that is within and behind the words of the prayers.

During This Weekend Retreat:

- You will receive an overview of how to use Whispers from Eternity to transform your life through prayer and meditation, following the keys and hints given by Yogananda in this sacred book.

- Discover the right mindset to begin prayer and the practices that you will take away with you so you can have a tangibly uplifting prayer life.

- We will pray together in a group, using a selection of prayers to specifically help you pray more effectively whilst creating a new, or deeper, relationship with the Divine through prayer (and meditation). 

- Experience, in group, the journey from the poetic words of prayers to the visual imagery of the prayer, to the tangible feeling of the prayer that is within and behind the words of the prayers.

- Learn how to incorporate prayer into your meditation practice, no matter what your level of experience with meditation is

- Have Questions and Answers sessions and discussion time 

- Get an overview of how to use Whispers from Eternity as a spiritual guide and scripture, so you can go away and use the book as a life-long companion.

- Pray in sacred temples and places throughout the Expanding Light Retreat and Ananda Village to further help make your prayers more tangible.

- You will have a workbook to take away with you, guiding you through all the prayers and topics covered in this program.

How to pray for healing of yourself and others…

And even for the planet…


 I am a long-time meditator, devotee, and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and feel this is one of the best day workshop retreats I’ve attended in a long time.  The presentation was well thought out, executed beautifully, deeply moving many times, easy to follow, and truly a great new way to take my practice to another level.  Though I have always often read from this book, I found through this workshop that really emphasizing “Realizing” Whispers from Eternity as the great scripture it is, and being provided emphasis for the clear and marvelous steps to interiorize these gems, is a gift for which I am truly grateful.  Thank you, Sanjan.  —A.J., Palo Alto, CA

I really loved the framework because it so clearly demonstrated what I should be doing to draw the most from using Whispers from Eternity. Even though I have always gotten something, even just from reading, I have never moved so far inside with it. —P. Fontaine, Sacramento, CA 

A beautiful way to go deeper into Whispers from Eternity, and to learn to use the Prayer Demands as Yogananda intended. Sanjan's devotion, skill, and insight guide one gently through reading and spiritualizing a prayer demand.  It helped me know that God brings help in all situations. Sanjan was prepared with the wisdom of the teachings, what they've manifested in his life, and insights we might consider to bring depth to our own practices. His honesty about struggles he's encountered on the path help us all remember there's always something we can do when we struggle. Sanjan is always inspiring, and brings the full depth of his experience. —M.M., Sacramento, CA

This retreat was amazing! Sanjan is a true teacher and brings the technique of Yogananda's Whispers from Eternity to a level that anyone can easily practice and experience. I would suggest this retreat to anyone who wants to improve their "knowing" of God, Spirit, the universe, energy, and themselves.  This prayer and meditation technique is simple and powerful. I like how Sanjan sensitively shared his own experiences along with clear instructions and techniques, reminding us that it is ok to be human (and not yet saints). There can be a lot of spiritual pressure to be perfect. Thanks for reminding us that we are works in progress and not yet, but on our way to being perfect. —C.F.,. Bend, Oregon

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Sanjan Thelen

Sanjan Thelen

Ananda Meditation Teacher

An inspired teacher and host, Sanjan has lived, since 2012, in several Ananda communities, serving in many ways. Some of his roles have been teaching for Online with Ananda, coordinating the Kriya Yoga Sangha, participating in Ananda's outreach throughout the US, directing the Ananda Wisconsin meditation group, and serving at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens where 20,000+ tulips are shown every year for Ananda’s spectacular Springtime at Ananda.

Originally from England, Sanjan greets you with a delightful combination of heart-felt joy and humor that makes you feel you’ve just gained a friend. He has the ability to share Yogananda’s teachings on a variety of subjects, filling his classes with depth of perception and illustrative stories. Sanjan’s willingness to go out of his way to serve and his warmth of heart uplift all those around him. 

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Sanjan Thelen.

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  • Aug 9 – 11, 2024
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