Online Spiritual Counseling Training
5-Week Online Training Course

  • Sep 16 – Oct 21, 2020

with Nayaswami Diksha

Also available: In-Person Spiritual Counseling Training

Online Spiritual Counseling Training
in partnership with Online with Ananda

Be a channel of higher consciousness for those in need

Join Nayaswami Diksha for this one of a kind course exploring the art of Spiritual Counseling. Spiritual counseling is different from psychological counseling. It’s about counseling others from a space of uplifted consciousness in order to help them find deep, personal understanding and direction.

This training will enhance your interpersonal skills as you learn to listen actively, respond with clarity, and open the doorway for superconscious understanding and solutions. You’ll explore spiritual skills and effective communication principles that will help you guide others to find their own solutions. Nursing CEU 28 hours.


Best practices in online learning

At Ananda, we have been offering quality training for decades. Now we bring this same dedication online, as we embrace the very best practices of online learning. You’ll enjoy a user-friendly online environment that offers plentiful interaction within a highly engaged learning community, including:

  • Specialized exercises and introspective practices to deepen your understanding of how to effectively counsel others
  • Lively discussion forums filled with support, insights, and inspiration
  • “Live” webinars covering a wide spectrum of topics with periods of Q&A
  • Practice counseling sessions with fellow students and instructor feedback
  • Instructional videos covering all aspects of spiritual counseling

You’ll learn how to:

  • Cultivate and recognize true intuition
  • Listen to and assess your own intuition
  • Connect to someone’s higher self from your higher self
  • Recognize subconscious, conscious, and superconscious thinking in yourself & others
  • Find solutions & not be overwhelmed by problems
  • Help others gain clarity on life’s challenges and open to new possibilities
  • Avoid the temptation to try and “fix” someone
  • Ask questions that will open doorways for others
  • Find solutions to your own challenges


Nursing CEU Eligible: 46 hours CEU

Course Units and Video Topics

Unit I: Developing Intuition

  • Understanding Levels of Consciousness
  • Deeper into the Levels of Consciousness
  • Recognizing Each Level of Consciousness in Ourselves & In Those We Counsel

Unit II: Levels of Consciousness

  • Understanding Levels of Consciousness
  • Deeper into the Levels of Consciousness
  • Recognizing Each Level of Consciousness in Ourselves & In Those We Counsel

Unit III: Principles of Spiritual Counseling

  • The Essence of Spiritual Counseling
  • Principles of Spiritual Counseling
  • How to Listen & Ask Questions

Unit IV: Counseling Those Dealing with Illness & Death

  • Tips for Dealing with Illness & Dying
  • How to Help a Dying Person
  • Coping with Grief

Unit V: Helping Others Build a Spiritual Foundation

  • Building a Spiritual Foundation
  • Living Intuition


What if I cannot participate in the live sessions?

Don’t worry. We have students from all over the world. This course is almost entirely “asynchronous.” This means that you can participate at the hours of the day that work best for you. There are several live webinars but they are video-recorded so those who cannot attend live can watch them later.

Will I receive certification as a Spiritual Counselor?

This is not a certification training program. You will receive tools and techniques to help guide others in finding solutions to life challenges.

Will I get to interact with other students and instructors in the course?

Yes, you’ll have lots of interaction! In fact, many of your assignments require it. There are discussion forums, live one-to-one practice teaching fellow students via Zoom. Plentiful interaction is a best practice in online learning, and this course is structured entirely around best practices.

What if some emergency comes up during the course, and I am late finishing an assignment?

We realize that emergencies can arise. We will work with you to try to find a solution—and the more advance notice we receive, the more likely it is that we can find a solution. But please realize that, because all students move through the course together, we can do only so much to accommodate late assignments, even for emergencies.

How much schedule flexibility will I need to have?

You will be free to do your coursework at whatever time of day suits your schedule. We expect you to log in and do some work (often just 15 minutes) on multiple days each week. Also, during several weeks of the course, you will need enough flexibility to find a mutually agreeable time to meet with classmates for practice counseling via internet video (using Zoom). This is usually quite easy to do.

You should expect to spend 5-8 hours per week on your coursework; 2-3 of those hours will be for guided meditation practice.

How can I decide whether to take the course online or in person?

In person, the uplifting environment of The Expanding Light promotes deep peace. It cannot be duplicated fully online. Also, you won’t have all of the distractions that happen at home. You’ll have daily, in-person access to the instructors, as well as many informal interactions with fellow students. The personal connections that develop during the in-person courses are enriching and often enduring.

Online, you won’t have to uproot yourself from your day-to-day life. You’ll have more time to assimilate the material and practice your intuition and counseling (particularly helpful for people who like to take more time to process their thoughts and new material and ideas). Since there are fewer time and schedule constraints, you’ll also have a few more learning experiences that aren’t included in the in-person course. The online course is less expensive because you won’t be paying for accommodations and meals.

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Nayaswami Diksha

Nayaswami Diksha

Director of Ananda Meditation Teacher Training 
Level 2 Ananda Yoga(R) teacher, Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500,
Ananda Spiritual Travels host, Ananda Minister and Spiritual Counselor

A popular Expanding Light teacher since 1997, Diksha McCord is the Director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training program in person and the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Online. Nayaswami Diksha, a native Israeli who came to the U.S. in 1990, is a powerful and dynamic woman who has shared yoga postures and yogic teachings across the United States, in Canada and Europe. What is a Nayaswami?

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Nayaswami Diksha.

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