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Become a Certified Meditation Teacher in your own time and space.Join Diksha, Gyandev and Anandi in this NEW online course, and soak up the 80 years of expert guidance of these teachers commited to the sharing this ancient wisdom. They have the knowledge and wealth of personal experience to lead you to become a certified Meditation Teacher.

Bring your open heart and centered soul to the online forums, classes developed soley with you in mind. Blessings to you.

Vegetarian Cooking Online for Health and Vitality

Diksha - your Cooking Show Host

Cooking Lessons in Your Own Home.
With Ananda’s foremost chef, Diksha McCord, author of The Global Kitchen and Vegetarian Cooking for Starters

Online Learning with the Expanding Light

A cooking show for beginners or experienced cooks who want to learn more about delicious and wholesome vegetarian cooking.

Diksha McCord’s on-line cooking course is unique in demonstrating a subtlety of food preparation and expressing how what we eat affects our health and our consciousness. From years of studying and cooking different styles of vegetarian cuisine and practicing the teachings of yoga, Diksha offers a breakthrough approach to using food to create health, vitality, and higher consciousness.

Online Cooking with the Expanding Light

Diksha has attuned to the wavelength of truly delicious food. Using almost entirely vegan ingredients, she creates meals that deeply satisfy on all levels.

Diksha and Maria - cooking Indian Style

This innovative series will change the way you think about food and how you prepare it; it could rightly be called The Yoga of Cooking for a New Age.

Join Diksha and friends in fun classes on soups, holiday meals, breads, smoothies, baklava and many more internationally inspired dishes.

You will love watching these shows.

Nayaswami Diksha, a native Israeli, has studied diet, nutrition, and vegetarian cooking for over 30 years - including macrobiotic, vegan, raw foods, and Ayurveda cooking. During her years managing The Expanding Light kitchen, she perfected the style of cooking you will see on this show - healthy, balanced, colorful, original, mostly vegan, and above all, truly delicious. She has written two vegetarian cookbooks, Global Kitchen and Vegetarian Cooking for Starters, and is working on a third: Vegetarian Cooking and Ayurveda. Diksha, an Ananda minister and yoga and meditation instructor, is a born teacher, as well as an artist. You will see how these talents enhance her extraordinary cooking show! More on Diksha

Be Inspired, Be Healthy!

Diksha with Lee Family - cooking Chinese Style
Christmas-Dinner- Vegetarian Style

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Online Learning

Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Vitality includes many free cooking related articles and special promotions. You will be able to subscribe by the season or for a full year.

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Diksha's introduction to her Online Cooking Course

Vegetarian Recipe Collection

Global Kitchen
Create Healthy, Flavorful Meals with an International Flair


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