Photos From Our Ayurvedic Health Retreat in Kerala

Welcome Ceremony

Welcome Ceremony

Accommodation – cottage style.

Yoga hall facing the ocean

The morning starts with energization exercises with Gyandev.

Morning yoga postures.


Every morning we meditate together to start the day with an uplifted spirit.

Enjoying fresh fruits at breakfast time.

A beautiful display of fruits
and vegetables.

Our first breakfast starting with fresh green coconut milk.

Sheri with her green coconut!

Our welcome reception

A daily visit with one of our ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Manesh.

After treatment – rest on
the hammock.

A dip in the Arabian Sea.

Day trip through the backwaters of Kerala's canals.

Dress Up Evening

Dress Up Evening

Charlene with the shop keeper Madhu in front of his store.

Dressed up with newly handmade
Indian outfits.

The ladies with Cheetra – human resource manager of the resort.

Evening entertainment – dance.

Evening entertainment – veena
and tabla.

Evening performance

Enjoying an outdoor musical performance over dinner

Gyandev with his delicious Ayurvedic dinner

Walking back to the resort after morning practice at the beach

Morning meditation on the beach

Energizing on the beach

Gyandev leading morning yoga postures

Joyce enjoying shopping

Drinking Green Coconuts

Drinking Green Coconuts

A daily fresh flower display to honor the deity Ganesha.

Another beautiful flower display

Narayan meditating

Narayan meditating

After morning Sadhana

After morning Sadhana

2017 Group

2017 Retreat Group

Photos From Our Past Ayurvedic Retreats

Starting with 2017

Welcome ceremony Diksha-with-Dr.Shreelath in Kerala
Welcome ceremony Welcome ceremony in Kerala
Cute cottage in Kerala Round cottages await you in Kerala, India
Path to bliss in Kerala Resort grounds for you to enjoy in Kerala, India
Path to bliss in Kerala leading to the beach in Kerala, India
Walk on the beach in Kerala Resort beach for you to enjoy in Kerala, India
Ladies having fun in Kerala Gents enjoy time in Kerala, India
Class fun in Kerala Enjoy a walking meditation on the beach in Kerala, India with Ananda Travels
Group walking meditation in Kerala with Ananda Travels Group meditation in Kerala with Ananda Travels
Houseboat Cruise in Kerala Houseboat lunch, Kerala with Ananda Travels
On the river bank in Kerala On the river, Kerala with Ananda Travels
Trip to the Temple in Kerala Spiritual Kerala with Ananda Travels
Trip to a local school in Kerala Picture with the children, Kerala with Ananda Travels
Trip to a local beach in Kerala Local entertainment, Kerala with Ananda Travels
Diksha-in Kerala Diksha and Gyandev in Kerala
Diksha teaching in Kerala class
Diksha choosing food in Kerala dinner-time
Blessings in Kerala time for shopping
Meditating in Kerala time for energisation
Group ayurvedic lunch in Kerala namaste
Group ayurvedic dinner in Kerala great ayurvedic food
ayurvedic goodness in Kerala great ayurvedic dinner
Diksha in Kerala happy birthday
Gyandev meditating on beach in Kerala off for a stroll in Kerala
Excursion in Kerala strolling in Kerala
Shopping excursion in Kerala more shopping in Kerala
Lunch  in Kerala a class with Gyandev in Kerala
New clothes in Kerala musical entertainment in Kerala
Houseboat trip in Kerala relaxation in Kerala
Houseboat fun in Kerala relaxing on houseboat in Kerala
Houseboat lunch in Kerala group fun in Kerala
Blessings in Kerala Rohini being blessed in Kerala
Temple in Kerala goodbye songs in Kerala
Last supper in Kerala goodbye view in Kerala


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